What Sunscreen Is Best For You

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Facial Treatment

Do you live an active lifestyle outside and yet want to remain fresh and glamorous at all times? Usually when you go out regularly in the sun your skin tends to catch a severe tan that seems to become permanent. The best way to escape from such regular tanning is using a sunscreen lotion that will keep you fresh and fair all the time. With beauty becoming an important part of one’s life the variety of sunscreen available in the market saves you from tanning.

Importance of sunscreen for your skin

Sunscreens are important to your skin because whenever you are exposed to sunrays the UV rays constantly tend to burn your skin thereby giving you a constant tan. Basically even at low exposure levels the UVA rays from the sun destroys your skins support structure, breaks down collagen and causes wrinkles and sagging of skin. The sunscreens save you from tanning, sagging and wrinkling of your skin. So everyone should use a sunscreen to save his or her own self.

While you use a sunscreen you should know which one is best for you. If you simply want protection from UVA and UVB rays then look for a sunscreen that will contain either of the three products like zinc oxide, avobenzene and titanium dioxide. The sunscreens are usually made to prevent suntans, sunburns and skin cancers that are caused from the UVB rays of the sun.

When you apply the sunscreen lotions, creams and liquids, they penetrate into the inner depths of the skin and protect the upper layers where actually skin cancer is formed. They also help retain the moisture in the skin and prevent severe wrinkling and sagging even at old ages.

Sunscreen that best suits your skin

The sunscreens should contain SPF factor, which determine how much protection your skin will get at a time. The more the number of SPF factor is the more protection it provides to the skin. For example SPF 15 prevents burning of skin while SPF 30 prevents aging, wrinkling and sagging of skin. However you should know which sunscreen is best for your skin:
? Meroxyl rich sunscreen – protect your skin from immature wrinkles.
? A+ sunscreen – an ultra protection water based sunscreen that should be applied with moisturizer and foundation if you want protection against suntans.
? Body sunscreen – a long lasting lotion that prevents wrinkles, sagging and suntan in the full body.
? For dry skin – use sunscreen with SPF 30 that guards skin against aging and skin cancer.
? For oily skin – if you want oil free skin use noncomedogenic sunscreen with SPF 15 or even higher for better results.
? Facial sunscreens – the moisturizing day care sunscreen lotions and creams with SPF 15 and 30 are best for any type of facial skin types.

You should apply the sunscreen with SPF 15 at least even if it’s a cloudy day or you are staying inside your home.
Following are the other specifications of using sunscreen lotion:
? Look for the words “broad spectrum protection” in the labels.
? Apply more sunscreen when you are in reflective surfaces like water, snow and ice.

Knowing the utility of the best sunscreen lotions use them to achieve maximum comfort and protection from the harmful sunrays.