Spa Treatments Create Wonders To Your Mind And Body

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Beauty

Spa treatments offer you with hedonistic pleasures and promise you of the good halcyon days as you luxuriate in the sumptuous comfort of the spas. A spa is a wonderful place with comfortable resting places and the healing practitioners offer such comfortable massages to your face, head and whole body that you can go of to sleep and feel completely relaxed.

Spa treatments make you feel relaxed and refreshed after the entire day. The spa welcomes both men and women for spa treatments but children under 16 are not allowed to the spa. However, a teenage treatment package for the age of 13-16 is allowed to make them feel relaxed. If you are having some joint pains, which had been disturbing you for long, then visit the spas for massages that will heal all your pains.

Types and effects of spa treatments

Ranging from beauty treatments to healing of physical pains, the spa treatments are simply perfect for all. The different types of massages like aromatherapy massages, Thai and Yoga massages, and other simple massages makes you feel energized for work.

The spas of today use a number of modern equipments like massage recliners; massage tables and chairs, portable massage chairs, chair kneading massager, corporate chair-table massagers and water massage beds that promise you with heavenly comfort.
Following are the treatments and their effects of spa treatments on you:
? Facial massage rejuvenates the skin of your face and makes you look fresh and attractive at all times.
? Hand massage [Manicure] this pampering treatment cleans your hands, arms and imparts a perfect shine to your nails.
? Foot massage [Pedicure] this pampering treatment to your feet makes your feet look perfectly clean, and the nails shining.
? Pregnancy massage spa treatments during pregnancy improve blood circulation, decrease insomnia, provide flexibility and prepare you for intense labor pains. Post-pregnancy massages reduce stretch marks and keep your body slim.
? Sports massage it includes compression, cross-fiber friction and pressure point therapy that reduces the risk of injury and muscle pains in sports men.

The spa treatments not only make your skin glow or make you look beautiful but they also prevent anxieties, bronchitis, stresses, insomnia, headaches and asthma. It also relieves chronic problems like depression, joint pains, eczema and intense digestive problems. The exquisite spa treatments prevent fungal infections, acne, high/low blood pressure, epilepsy and broken skin.

Spa treatment benefits with herbal products

Spa treatments can be truly special if you accept massage with herbal products that are applied during inhalations, in baths, directly massaged on your body, with creams and lotions and synergistic treatments like body care, skin care and hair care. The herbal products combine the three basic elements of air, water and fire to provide an Ayurvedic effect. Herbal massage products include raw materials from flowers like roses, ylang-ylang, marjoram, lemon balm, lungwort, mullein flowers, thyme, schisandra berries and valerian roots.

Spa treatments with the help of herbal products prevents kidney stones, migraines, obesity, fibromyalgia, hypertensions, obesity and reduces restlessness, facilitates natural sleep, and promotes stress-relieving actions. For women, in addition to the common effects the spa treatments also correct menstrual disorders prevent orgasm difficulties and leucorrhoea.

Visit the spas to experience unique health and feel rejuvenated in mind and spirit all the time.