Pedicure Steps and Removing Dead Cells in Foot

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Nail Care

Today’s fashion is highly focusing on foot accessories like sandals and jewelries, and to step into this trend, pedicure is one of the most important requirements. It often happens that you feel embarrassed to display your feet, since your foot skin is not in good condition, the nails are not in shape and so on. But you are eager to put on those sexy and open sandals to make yourself more stylish. Pedicure is the only solution in this case. Though pedicure mainly involves enhancing the beauty of your neglected foot, it also soothes and relaxes your body after a long and hectic day.

Pedicure is such an easy process that you always don’t have to visit a salon to do that. You can also do pedicure at home if proper steps are known. However, before starting pedicure you must have all the materials ready for performing pedicure.

Materials required for pedicure

You need to soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in warm water. So a basin or tub is the first important requirement for performing pedicure.

Here are the other materials required for pedicure:
• Warm water
• Epsom salt or bath salt
• Pumice stone
• Small brush
• Clippers
• File
• Lotion
• Cuticle stick

Nail care is an integral part of pedicure. To do that you need to the following materials:
• Nail polish remover
• Cotton balls
• Nail polish
• Base coat for nails
• Top coat for nails

Steps to perform pedicure

Following are the steps for performing pedicure:

1) Soak your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes. This will soften the calluses.
2) Using the small brush gently buff one foot first and then the other. This will help to remove some dead skin cells.
3) Now its time to massage and exfoliate your foot. Massage with cream using the foot scrub. Pay special attention to the heels and any rough spots.
4) Use pumice stone to eliminate extra rough spots. Dip your feet again after this step.
5) Now remove your feet from water and dry feet with towel. Massage your favorite cream or lotion gently.
6) Using cuticle stick, gently push your cuticles back along the nail.

Taking care of nails is an important step of pedicure. If you want to file your nails, do it before soaking the feet into water, since water makes your nails softer. Also, remove the nail polish using nail polish remover. Once the main steps of pedicure are over, you can apply nail polish again. Apply a base coat of nail polish to fill in the ridges and uneven surfaces. Base coats help to make your nails strong for avoiding breakage. Now select your desired shade of nail polish and apply. If required apply another coat. Apply a crystal clear topcoat to add shine and to protect color from chipping.

Now you are ready to sport your favorite sandal with your soft, and elegant feet with beautiful toes. Whatever the occasion, pedicure always makes you feel great. But you should perform pedicure daily to get the best effect. And now, since you know the easy steps of doing pedicure, you are always smart to move around with your beautiful feet.