How To Feel Good About Your Body and boost Your Self-Esteem

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Self Improvement

Feeling good about your body is the most important factor behind feeling good about yourself. If you feel good about your body, you will look good and also feel good about your mind. You will even feel good about your personality. Assume you are dressed up for a party, and looking yourself at the mirror you say – “not bad”. This means you look good and you feel like praising yourself.

Feeling good about your body doesn’t require you to be slim and thin. You need to be fit and healthy to feel good about yourself. We all are beautiful within but we are often careless about our body fitness – as a result, we become obese or overweight by following unhealthy lifestyle and eating high calorie food.

Praise yourself

Praising yourself is most important to boost your self-esteem. Always think positive, be positive about what you do, and what you wear. Always get a positive body image. It will make you capable to accept the changing lifestyles.

Exercise and fitness

Regular exercise keeps you fit, changes your appearance and lets you feel good about your body. Exercise also reduces your stress, promotes strength, balance, flexibility and general posture and a general sense of well being. If you have scarcity of time, schedule your fitness program beforehand and commit this with seriousness as you do your business meeting.

Don’t stop eating

Food is a glorious and beautiful part of our life and eating food is one of the wonderful activities. But don’t do anything else while you are eating, since your foods deserve your full attention. However, you should not overeat. It often happens that we overeat while watching TV and eating. So stop watching TV at the time of eating. However, you should follow a healthy and nutritious diet. Avoid junk foods.

Maintain right weight

It is unhealthy to be too thin or too fat. It is also wrong if you are eating less food to become thin or eating more than your body requirement. You should have a balanced diet - eat the amount of food your body needs. You should keep a balance between the food you eat and the calories you use. If you eat more calories than you use, you cannot maintain your weight, and will soon become overweight. For example, you are eating more but spending your time in watching TV, reading storybooks. Then there is a chance of increasing weight. But if you spend your time in playing, skating or if you go for a walk, you will use more calories and that will keep a balance between what you eat and what you use – and you can maintain your body weight.

Friendship – good for your health

Friendship makes your whole life better, as you get support and companionship from good friends. They just not make you happy but also make your life beautiful and healthy. Researches have found that friendship has importance like regular exercise. If you have good friends you will experience less stress, will recover quickly from illness, and will even live longer than people who don’t have good friends.