Healthy Aging Suggestions and Maintaining a Healthy Diet for Seniors

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Health

Youth is transient and aging is a natural process. However, it is also true that we all wish to remain youthful and healthy forever. All of us dislike the sufferings and miseries of illnesses of aging. Yet we all will age in the course of time. So, the amicable solution to the reality of aging and the cherished desire to stay fit always is to age gracefully while remaining fit, fine and healthy. Practicable steps for promoting the health and well-being should be adopted while the process of aging continues.

Criteria for healthy aging

Healthy aging involves promoting of all round care for ensuring the well-being of the individual. This comprises of physical fitness, social well being, financial security and mental fitness. This ascertains that you, the individual concerned, is never feeling bad or let down with the progress of years leading to your aging.

Promoting health and physical fitness

Regular exercising, maintaining a healthy diet with adequate balance of all nutrients- vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and leading a stress free life are the essentials for maintaining good health through all ages. Morning walks, consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, vitamin and mineral supplements, participation in recreational activities, games etc. and adequate rest and sleep are suggested. An occasional visit to a qualified physician for checkup needs to be made and suggested tests are to be carried out. In case any major illness is suspected, proper and thorough diagnosis needs to be done and treatments undertaken accordingly.

Fostering social well being

Old age and a retired life is the ripe time for socializing and participating in various activities of social interest. You can join clubs, associations and even political parties as per your aptitude. You can pursue traveling if it interests you and wander about in the world extensively to meet various people and expand your knowledge and mind. You may even take up some freelance work if you wish. Involving yourself in various community welfare programs will also keep you occupied while promoting well being of society.

Ensuring financial security

Retired life or old age cannot be enjoyable if financial security is not there. This serves as a support for everything you do. However, this often needs to be planned and carried out beforehand, in advance. Some measures can, however, even be taken after retirement and senior citizens may conveniently avail of several plans and programs which may be especially provided by various authorities for them. These plans and/or programs need to be thoughtfully and judiciously carried out or opted for.

Maintaining mental fitness

Staying mentally healthy and youthfully is very important. The very thought of aging makes you feel old. You must never let depression take the better of your sensibilities. Indulging in hobbies, recreation, intellectual pursuits, social services etc. keep the mind fresh and young. Exercising both body and mind regularly and eating healthily will go a long way to keep you free from serious mental diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Thinking positively and actively seeking variety and challenge in day-to-day life will definitely maintain a young mind in an aging yet healthy body.