How To Track Website Visitors For Maximum Traffic

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Internet Marketing

Tracking visitors of a website means measuring the traffic flow to the website as well as its individual pages. Visitor tracker tool measures the popularity of the entire website and even a particular section of that website. Tracking visitors is an important feature to evaluate the progress of any online business site as well as other commercial website.

With visitor tracker you can get useful statistical data, which are related to the web traffic of your website. Apart from the number of visitors of your website, visitor tracker also provides other useful statistical data. Some of these are number of page visited by each visitor, duration of the visit for a page/website, the most popular page of a website, tracking source of a link, tracking other website that offers maximum traffic for a particular page of your website.

How this tracker works?

Tracking visitors of your website is quite easy. You only have to install visitor tracker software for this; or you can use a small HTML code. You have to type this tracking code in each page of your website. The code will automatically measure the visitors of your website.

Apart from this, real time visitor tracking, and some other tracking software offer other advanced features to customize the counter style and to make the setup facility of the counter user-friendlier. Some counter tools also allow you to customize the display style of the counters. All visitor tracker tools are very reliable and are efficient to work on high-speed environment. For general visitors of a website ‘visitor tracker’ always remain hidden.

Benefits of using visitor tracker

It is important to distinguish between human events and common server activities. All pages and images in a website are considered as individual files. Therefore, for each hit, i.e., downloading a particular page of the website, the counter may generate more counts than usual. This happens because often a page contains several images, and then for each image the counter generates a hit.

With visitor tracker you can calculate the actual number of visitors of your website. Visitor tracker considers ISP and corporate firewalls to measure the actual number. This tool provides the facility to get the number of visitors and the page views in a specific time period, which may be hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Today more advanced visitor trackers are available in the global market to get extra information along with the actual number of visitors.
A visitor tracker generally tracks:
• Types of browser visitors are using.
• Version of the browsers used by the visitors.
• Screen resolution and color depth of the visitor’s computer.
• Detailed information of the referrers, i.e., other website from where the visitors are coming to your website.
• Keywords used by the visitors in the search engines to get your website.

Based on the statistical data provided by the visitor tracker you can manage and enhance the navigational problems, design, referrers and keywords used in the content of your website.