Personalizing Your Website For Visitors Web Traffic

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Internet Marketing

Want to make your customers feel comfortable as they browse your web pages? Then here is a turnkey solution for you. Simply personalize the pages of your website and make your customers feel easy as they navigate through various sections of your website. Your site appearance always speaks volumes about the core values of your organization, so personalizing it will effectively impart comfort and convenience to your customers.

Why do you need to personalize your website?

Personalizing the website will attract more traffic to your site, for visitors have a tendency to return back to personalized websites. They feel comfortable and find the pages convenient to view. Your visitors will feel truly special when your web page will open with the welcome note with a greeting like ¡§Good Morning¡¨ or ¡§Good Evening¡¨ and then the customer¡¦s name.

For example, a person called John Smith logs into the site at 8 AM and he gets the message from you ¡§Good morning John¡¨. This will definitely make him feel special inside your site.

The personalized web pages are different from general web pages as they also allow the customers to introduce new changes to the web pages. This means that personalization offers the customers to change the font of the page as per their requirement. Whether they want smaller or larger or medium fonts, the options are ready for changes. They also allow the customers to change the background color and other complimentary colors on the web page. Your customers should be allowed to change it to bright, mild or absolutely soft background color.

How to personalize a website?

Technically speaking, when you personalize your website, the system collects data from the backend database and present it to your customers in an intelligent way. The concept of personalization is quite easy. When the customer will enter his/her first name, last name, user id and password, a session starts and all related information is searched in the database entry. When the system will complete the search and find the particular identity it will test the validation of the respective name and identity and display welcome note to the visitor.

To introduce better personalization, you can opt for the time system. This will record time of different country and show the client his accurate country time, region, city, zone etc. when he logs into your system. You can also introduce other complimentary along with this for making your site more personal.

Tips to personalize the website in the best way

Personalization of website is a solution to make your visitors feel more personal and attract a large number of customers to your site. You can go much beyond than simply expressing the welcome notes and other specifications.

Here are some tips to personalize your web pages:
- Introduce the personal stamp size photo of the user just beside the welcome note.
- Introduce greetings notes like ¡§Birthday wishes¡¨ or ¡§Anniversary wishes¡¨ to the user on the particular days. The greeting should flash throughout 24 hours on that particular day whenever the user logs into the site.
- Introduce audio facilities that will entertain the user all the time he is visiting your web page.
- Introduce Flash welcome note instead of keeping it static. This will make the notes float before the visitors in vibrant color and slow rhythm.
- Introduce a system that will help the visitors to view when he had last visited this particular web page. You can also show accurate time and duration to make it perfect.

Personalization of website always enriches a visitor¡¦s experience and increases the loyalty for your website.