What Do Women Really Want From Men?

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Men

Wishes have no end. Every woman has a different image of a perfect man in her dreams. They come across numerous men all through out their spinsterhood and often reject many of their proposals just because they do not really resemble that perfect image. The women of today have achieved lot more goals than their great grand moms. They have even reached the height of social service, education and politics and now they are up to exploring the space. Therefore, their expectations from their men have obviously increased a lot.

However, the only thing that remains unchanged with the passage of time is their outlook towards men. They simply love to feel adored and pampered especially when men go out of the way to make them feel so. They like it when their husbands or boyfriends remember their birthdays and buy a small gift for them. They love pleasant surprises. Your girlfriend or wife will enjoy it a lot if you arrange a short sojourn at a beautiful resort on a weekend. They will appreciate the candlelight dinners on Valentineís Day or on the anniversaries. From all these desires, it is evident that women often like an emotional touch to their personal lives.

There are uncountable trivial gestures and activities of men that make women love them more. If a woman has sent you a message, she is always expecting a prompt reply. If you are busy just inform her in a sweet way or else she might feel ignored which is quite painful for them. If you send her messages several times a day or just giving her a buzz then they will feel valued. When men wear the favorite colors of their women or dress up the way she likes, it really impresses them. Sometimes men are very reluctant to dance on the floor which no woman will like. However, if you insist her to warm up the dance-floor with you she will be genuinely pleased within.

Often men feel that women are loath when it comes to sex. However, this is a wrong notion as women are equally interested in physical closeness to the men they love. In fact, women are delicate and sensitive. They give more priority to emotional needs than the physical urge. If a man really wished to get a woman in his life then it is wise to be slow about sex. Wait for the right time to come and watch if she shows some interest or not. If she is behaving in a cold manner then try to find what is there in her mind.

Finally, women want security from men, both emotional and financial. If you fail to keep up to their trust on you, they will never accept you in your life. A caring man is a dream for every woman. As far as men are concerned, they wish to be the first-love of women. Nevertheless, women always want to be the first love of a manís life.