What Leads to A Marital Affair?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Relationships

The union of men and women through marriage has been a traditional practice since humans lived in caves. The same can also be claimed for marital affairs. Since the beginning of life, humans have considered marriage to be a crucial element in life that helps in preserving a healthy and cohesive society. Similarly, there has been a strong collective notion stating that the idea of marriage was meant to have a monogamous union. In spite of such a belief, most of us humans are unwilling to accept the monogamous lifestyle and that stimulates the desire of an affair outside marriage. Studies have proved that marriages and marital affairs go hand in hand; they have been co-existing and the trend still prevails.

Wit passing time, these marital affairs have become a very common issue in the society and people now do not hesitate to speak about it in the open. This definitely wasnít prevailing in the past. But now having an extra marital affair is just like another fashion statement.

What could possibly be the reason for the rise in the trend of extra marital affairs? Well, reasons can be manyÖbut different. The reason of the first couple might not be similar to the second or the third. So you cannot exactly say that extra marital affairs happen due to this or that. But, there definitely are certain common factors that could lead to extra marital affairs. Let us have a look-


Boredom is one such fatal condition that can make both the spouse either deceive or simply walk out of the relationship. Boredom comes with the age of a marriage when a couple loses interest in each other due to too much of knowledge about one another. Some couples also might not feel like engaging themselves in similar activities which they enjoyed once. Itís basically a stage in a marriage where a couple finds nothing else that could help them in looking forward to something in their relationship, except for the same routine and repetitive livelihood together.

At this point of marriage, the couples are even at a loss of words and find nothing that they could possibly have. They fail to ignite the same spark and passion in their relationship, which actually means that they stay together, but without any reason. It becomes more of a liability than a pleasure and as things saturate further, they get involved else where.


When disenchantment is concerned, it simply means disappointment. This might strike due to the spouseís ignorant behavior, due to his/her lack of certain talents; probably something that the spouse never recognized 10 years back when they got married. All these factors contribute to an extra marital affair.

Indeterminate Sexual Desire

Some of the men and women take great pleasure in having multiple sexual relationships. This is a matter of individual taste and preference and cannot be well defined. It is better not to ask such people why and how did they get involved in such a thing. Some people might slip at certain point in their life, while others might intentionally get into something like this. This is not just manís genre, woman also take pleasure in having a sexual encounter outside their marriage.

Also, there might be homosexual issues as well- some of the gays and lesbians also go ahead and get married for no reason at all. They only end up spoiling their life as well as their partners.

Other reasons

Some other reasons of an extra marital affair can be simple fantasy. People like to fantasize themselves with varied partners and they love to explore that as well.

Middle-aged people often feel the need to get involved with young people to see how they perform. They feel a sense of inferiority due to their age and diminishing sexuality and a close encounter with the youth can boost up their spirits.

There are various reasons of marital affairs, some rational, while most of the others are irrational and baseless. But whatever the reason be, it calls for the abrupt end of a marriage.