How Divorced Women Should React to this Type of Rupture

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Relationships

A divorce is for every single person a deep and marking rupture in one’s life, no matter whether you are the victim of this decision or have actually taken the step towards it.

A divorced women in the first stages of the affair will feel completely at loss, as if the family were torn from side to side, the habitual landmarks she had in her life are gone, she has to start her life over again. Then follows the onset of depression, which can lead to a nervous breakdown.

When a lifetime or even a shorter number of years passed together with the same partner suddenly end, the rupture is so abrupt that it cannot but annihilate, this is why it will take divorced women some time before they can come to terms with the facts.

The first step to take for divorced women is to search comfort and support from their families and relations as well as close friends, this will help avoid a sense of solitude in a woman. To get over a divorce a woman must talk about the divorce to exorcise any resentful feelings she may have towards the lost partner, for these sentiments will only delay the process of turning over a new page. It is also important to get over the depression as soon as possible if children are involved, they are dependant on us and must find courage in the adult, not defeat. It will be important for a divorced woman to strengthen the bond with her children, talk about how they feel and how she feels as well, share her fears and sorrows, and if need be seek counseling for help.

It is essential to focus on those relationships the woman still has, she must dedicate more time to herself and must slowly learn to put behind her all resentment she may still have. It is important that divorced women start up a new and stimulating social life, spend time with friends and step back into the community scene, feel alive again. Divorced women should learn to appreciate all those positive aspects their lives offer them, such as friends and family, an interesting job or just having time to look after themselves properly.

A mistake divorced women can run in to is to rush things in the eagerness to leave distressing memories behind them. The process of re-establishing confidence in oneself and others is lengthy and demanding, there remains the fear of being hurt once more, it takes time and effort to find ones place once more.

Divorced women should spend time on things they may enjoy doing, they should dedicate themselves to hobbies, sporting activities that will make them feel better in the body, hence in the spirit. All these new and revived activities will help relieve stress and tension and aid in forgetting unpleasant past events.

The time lapse is an important factor for divorced women, they need to find stability and confidence once more, they need to feel safe and decide on the direction their lives should now take. Once they have cleared this aspect they can move along and build something new and wonderful, which they never suspected could exist.