Are you Tensed About Wedding Etiquettes? What Part of Marriage you should Pay for

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Donít worry, just relax.
Marriage is a ceremony that has a lot of cultural impact. Customs and rituals vary from culture to culture. Wedding etiquette also changes depending on the cult. Before you marry must know what part of marriage you should pay for.

o The bride is supposed to pay for the wedding ring for the groom, the gifts for her attendants, a comfortable accommodation nearby the hall for the friends and relatives coming from far away, outside the town at least for two days, and also the very special gift for her most coveted person, the groom.

o The groom is supposed to pay for the one in a million ring for his one in a billion wife and also should think of the nearest and the sweetest future, their honeymoon, he should arrange for it. He should not forget some important responsibilities. He should pay for the marriage license and the gifts, gloves and accessories for the groomís men. In the chaotic circumstances of a wedding ceremony he should not forget about that thing for someone special, which is nothing other than the desired thing of his beloved Ė the wedding gift. He also has to provide some accommodations for the long distance guests, and bring some flowers for the bride and her attendants. He should arrange for the corsage for the brideís mother and some special ladies, and boutonnieres for the bride's father and other male relations at the wedding party. He should also provide the fee for the clergy and parson.

o The groomís family is supposed to pay for the clothing or the wedding dress, the traveling or the lodging expense, the rehearsal diner and the wedding gift for the newly married couple.

o The brideís family will pay for the reception, wedding attire or the trousseau. It is the responsibility of the brideís party to announce the invitation and also to finish with the thanking note. They are supposed to defray the photography, videography costs, and it is taken for granted that they will look after the assignment chart, table decoration, including the napkins, brideís maidsí garments, flowers transport, parking, security and also the wedding gift.

The expense of the brideís family is normally a bit larger than that of the groom's, because they have to provide the costly attire, jewelry, accessories and so forth. Besides, they often give more and costlier gifts than the other party does. The bridesmaid or matron or the best man of the groom is treated in the same way as the bride and the groom.

You should make a chart of the expenses in the different fields and split it two ways in a fair manner that preserves parity. Being a miser can cause disappointment and resentment with your in laws, so be careful where you cut costs. Being a spendthrift, however, is no answer; you need to save up for the post-wedding days. Moderation is the key to success in this matter.