When to Send out the Invitations? For Wedding and Ceremony

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding


A new life is knocking at your door. The one that is filled with dreams and promise of happiness. You are planning a lot and taking decisions. Invitation to the wedding can also make the wedding a special one. The nature and style of invitation leave a mark at times so much so that whenever people meet the couple they remember their invitation right down to the smallest detail.

Invitation Cards:
- Invitation cards are available in unique and individualistic designs. Once you finalize the paper, layout, font and style it is time to place an order for invitations with the printer well in advance.
-Also don’t forget to order informal cards where you can write ‘thank you’ notes.
- It really helps if you place a small map of the venue on the invitation card.
- It is a nice and warm gesture to send invites to even those family members and friends who you know will not be able to attend the wedding.
- Based on RSVPs, make a list of confirmed attendees.
It is immaterial how the invitation is typed, but the following things must be clear:
a. The guests should know who is getting married.
b. The guests should know where the wedding is taking place and when the wedding is taking place.
If the invitation is a formal one then the nature and style of the invitation should follow a proper etiquette.

Traditional wedding invitations have two flaps. The inner one is smaller without a gumming strip. The outer envelope is addressed formally complete with the first name. If children are being invited then along with the parents’ name, the first names of the children should appear on the outer envelope. The inner envelope should only have the surname of the invitee.

So as soon as you set the date, you begin to look for the invitation style that sums up your wedding. One thing must be kept in mind that nature of invitation varies from person to person. If it is friend you want to address then invitation is very informal, invitation is formal for colleagues, elders and the boss. After the theme has been fixed then decide on the enclosure cards. If you have guests coming from a long distance, it is advisable to send out hold-the-date cards as soon as your plans are firm, so that guests can make travel arrangements.

Four months prior to the wedding the final invitation selection must be over and then the order for the cards should be placed.

Six to eight weeks before the wedding, prepare a guest list complete with the postal address and number of heads. Then start addressing the invitation envelopes and check those that you have stamped and sent. Then keep a track of replies so that you can finalize on your guest list and the let the caterers know on the exact number.

In fact if you have scheduled your wedding during a holidaying season then the invitations should be sent out eight weeks before the wedding to help prepare the guests their schedules. Long distance guests should be sent the invitation by priority mail as well as by e-mail and telephone, to help prepare them their travel plans.

After the wedding is over give yourself two to three weeks to send the thank you notes to all the invitees and guests.