Food for the Reception and Plans for Wedding Reception

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

So it's time for you to plan the food for your wedding reception. Undoubtedly this is a crucial project, the success of which directly influences the quality of your reception. It involves BIG planning, and planning with creativity and foresight. But no need to get stressed out just yet, for practical advice is right under your nose. Whether you are a foodie does not matter, whether you happen to be a disastrous cook doesn't matter, so long as you think along the right lines and ask the right questions months before.

Consider the theme of the reception. A cozy barbeque will be out of place if the venue is an elegant, polished ballroom. Elaborate dinner service will be out of place if the venue is a disco with people shaking a leg everywhere. Consult a reliable caterer. Sit with him or her and work out the minutest details, so that no problems occur to mar D -day. Ensure that your caterer is licensed and has health permits, besides lots of experience. Are certain kinds of food more likely to cause allergies? Have you thought of balanced menus for veggies as well as the non veggies? Have you thought of providing liquor, at the same time considering fruit juice or soft drinks for teetotallers? Have you arranged for coffee for the caffeine addicts?

Most caterers allow you to taste their food beforehand, so that you donít go wrong on the big day. They may charge a fee for this, but the service is worthwhile.

Check to ensure that the ingredients used by your caterer are hygienic and high quality. Ask whether the desserts would be prepared in house or ordered from outside. All of these details will help you finalize the costs and stand your ground if things go awry later. Leave no stone unturned.

Ensure that you have a written contract with the caterer mentioning the smallest details, with absolutely no loopholes. Always inquire about the cancellation policy and pay attention to the fine print in the contract. Should you cancel the date or venue later, know beforehand the possible penalties. Try to have a back up plan too, if at the last minute you find your catering service unpalatable!

The menu itself should go along with the theme of the bash. It also depends on the number of guests you are planning to invite, and most importantly, your budget. Even if the budget is low, with careful, creative planning you can ensure fun, wholesome food that your guests will find irresistible! Do NOT leave the food department till the last minute. You cannot afford this at all.
And finally, happy munching!