When is the Best Time of the year to get Married?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Wedding is one of those events that change lives. One of those occasions that shape lives and one of those moments that remains etched in memory for days to come. And when this event eventually happens in anybody’s life, it ushers in with it excitement, tension, skepticism and the wish to compromise with nothing but the best.

And it is this last leg that calls in for the best of thoughts and the clearest of planning. Ancient wisdom of tarots has ceased to play the role. What has taken over is style and fashion ---- an expression that would speak something of your self. Each month brings in with it a special wedding chime.

If you want to begin the year with your beloved then the best time of the year is the time when you make your new-year resolution. And this can be the ideal time to take all your vows and promise to fulfill all your marriage commitments. And if you chance to find all the dates booked then bang on and hit the target on the 14th of February….After all how else can you celebrate your Valentine’s Day for all the years to come? A winter wedding is always romantic as you can go on lovely long holidays together, feeling cosy and comfortable together.

If winter comes can spring be far behind. Getting married in March-April can be fun, as with spring, new love takes birth and everything is nice and new in the air. In March, the weather bounces between winter and spring, sometimes resulting in unpredictable chill and wind. April is a little less unpredictable, being a very romantic month while ushering in the season’s prettiest flowers. After all Pat Boone spoke of April Love and so did Stevie Wonder in Part Time lover.

May is not the best time to get married in the tropical countries, especially with the heat and sun and the associated sweat. Fashion loses its significance and charm during this particular time of the year.

However, June is a special month to complete the nuptial rites. This is because June is named after Juno, the Roman Goddess of marriage. Those who were married in her month she vowed to protect. Another advantage of June is that in many areas it is the first month of predictably nice weather. Honeymooning also special in June because of the summer vacations and the associated holidays.

Autumn weddings are lovely. An autumn wedding brings to mind golden and copper themes through the fabrics and the flowers. Flowers this season are earthy yet rich. Take bold colors in purples russets, yellow and reds. Add a natural twist with dark leafy foliages and wood containers.

September and October bring cooler weather, yet it is still mild and enjoyable. Travel plans are also easier to make and destinations are less crowded this time of the year than in the summer months most of the schools start.

Winter weddings are like weddings in a wonderland. December is a wonderful time to get married, with the festival charm in the year, and year-end close-by, you just want to let loose, relax and feel happy. You can create your own fashion statement and get married in a very stress-free and happy atmosphere, which add in the glow to the bride.

Just a word of advice. Whatever be your plans don’t stress yourself and take as much help from friends and family to make the big day a special one to remember for all.