What Should the Vows Say? For Weddings and Marriage Ceremony

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

The wedding vows are a serious thing. They are an expression of your social and emotional (and also religious, if you are a believer) commitment to a fellow human being, to someone you love and hold very dear. So when preparing your vows, you should try to express you true feelings in them.

Indeed, difficulties and frustrations often visit us, many times in our lives. Our married lives often falter and stumble on these stumbling blocks. But all might go well if only we remembered our marriage vows and acted according to them. That is why it's important to say what you really mean, and to keep believing in it.

As wedding ceremonies become more and more varied, wedding vows are also taking on many shapes and attitudes. There are traditional vows and modern-style vows, Christian vows and those taken from wedding ceremonies of other communities.

For example, consider this wedding vow of the Apache Indians.
“Now we will feel no rain or cold, for each of us will provide shelter and warmth to the other. Now we shall be lonely no longer, each being companion of the other. For the two of us, there's only one life ahead. May our journey through life in the coming years be filled with happiness and beauty.”

These are simple words, but they reflect the very essence of what it is to marry. If you'd like to follow the heartfelt vows of these simple people of nature, you could model your vows upon this example.

You could also decide that other people, more skilled than you at words, have penned their feelings about love and marriage far better than you ever could. If you want to fashion your wedding vows after poets, consider a sonnet by Shakespeare, no.116, that starts with “Let me not to the marriage of true minds / Admit impediments.” He goes on to say that true love is something that doesn't alter over time, and doesn't jump around from person to person. It is the fixed, unmoving pole star to all who are emotionally lost or distressed, and shows them the way to a safe port. Though physical beauty fades with the passage of time, still love remains unchanged, undiminished, because it depends not on your looks but on your heart.

Such is the ideal love that people about to get married should aim for. Such is the devotion and the dedication that joins two people together for life, never to willingly part again.

Some people like it traditional, and would want to stick to a Biblical model. The vows from the Book of Common Prayers declare that marriage is a sacrament that is given to mankind by God, and with God as their witness the willing persons are united to each other for life.

Whatever your wedding vows say, make sure that they are a true picture of your heart and your mind. If you are sincere with your vows, they will become a great source of strength to you in times of stress and difficulty, and stand you in good stead all your life.