Top Honeymoon Destinations and Places For Romantic Honeymoon

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Nothing compares to a romantic honeymoon for enjoying the newfound privacy and intimacy after your wedding. The best thing about a good honeymoon vacation is both partners get to plan a single gift that they can give to each other! And what gift could be more treasured than time spent together far from the madding crowd's meaningless bustle?

The popular honeymoon spots can get booked a long time in advance, sometimes as early as a year. So you should book as early as possible! Sometimes you can get combination offers that let you book your airfare and hotel together at a lower cost. If you are interested in all the included activities, all inclusive resorts and cruises can prove to be a great deal.

Many hotels and resorts design for you exclusive packages which would help you satisfy your desire for a romantic vacation. They keep in mind your needs and plan packages that could vary from a week's holiday to a month-long grand excursion. You could even want to spend it like Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park, holed up in a luxury hotel suite for a couple of weeks and not getting out once!

Some couples love the mountains more while others prefer the wilderness. And of course the sea has always been a favorite with honeymooners. The Caribbean islands host fabulous beaches, and offer a unique combination of rustic charm and world-class food and service. There is magic in the air of these tropical beaches, and serenades floating on the warm night air will add a new dimension to your conjugal experience.

The country of Mexico is a wonderful mixture of history and modernity. On the one hand there are some of the world's top hotels and resorts there, with all the facilities you could ever ask for, including sprawling golf courses and world class spa-s. On the other hand, there are deserts, dense forests, ancient mayan ruins, wild animals and so forth. And the food, of course, is out of the world if you like it hot, that is!

Consider Europe, if your budget permits. Experience the richness of the tradition that every city, village and hamlet of this continent participates in. This is the heart of the 'old world', this tradition is something that America never had. And enjoy all this without compromising on quality of service, comparable to or sometimes even better than American standards.

South Asia is also an important option, and doesn't cost as much as is commonly perceived. See the land of the Taj Mahal, and savor your brand new love in front of that monument to love and beauty on a moonlit night. See the ruins of Angkor Bhat and marvel at the worksmanship of ancient empire builders. Hop along the hill stations of the southern Himalayan range, and measure up your love against the massiveness of the Kanchenjunga.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, may your honeymoon become the best and loveliest experience of your life, and may travel enrich your love.