Top Ten Tips for your Wedding and Arrange a Perfect Wedding

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Even people who're knowledgeable about marriage in general, often fail to arrange a perfect wedding party. But since this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, some care must be taken to make it a success. Here are some tips to help you do that.

1. First, select the venue carefully. You can choose an outdoor venue, especially if you're located in a picturesque place. The pictorial view of Sedona or the beautiful Arizona can add a new dimension to the experience for you and your peers. The mystic rock formation of Sedona and the world class resorts will add spectrum to your marriage. The picturesque nature of Arizona will add spice to your guests’ dinner.
2. After the selection of the location you should decide the particular time of your marriage, that should be mentioned in your invitation card properly and you should inform the guests about the time and the place at least one month ago. Consider the official holidays, and also consider the weather. the best months for weddings are April, May and September. It's best to avoid the monsoon. Consult the elders of your family and find out about their choice of time, while gaining from their experience.
3. Then you have to fix the menu. Mind that it should be remarkable, delicious and unique at the same time. It should be versatile in nature, whether it's exotic, oriental, Chinese, or Arabian. Decide upon something that is most likely to suit everybody’s taste.
4. Consider the interior decoration of your selected venue. A floral décor is nice. Consult a renowned florist at least six moths ago, so that you can feel the fragrance of marriage to your heart’s content. The flowers may be soft, tender and traditional, or they may be vibrant seasonal or regional varieties. Let the florist visit your reception hall to measure the height of the centerpiece, design the hall with numerous corsages, basket, urn of terracotta, ethnic vases. Adding the color and essence of tulip, orchid, lilies, and peonies to your reception bouquets gives the guests a floral welcome.
5. Music is an essential part and parcel of wedding ceremonies. The atmosphere should be vibrant with the magical romance of music. The instruments should be in keeping with the natural background, and suit the mood of the occasion. You can hire a D.J for more some hours, for a reasonable fee. If your party includes unapproving elderly people, take care that the DJ doesn't wear too skimpy an outfit.
6. Next you should think about the dress you are going to wear. Whether you go shopping at big malls or book a dress online, be sure to give it enough number of tries so that you're completely satisfied with its looks and comfort level. You may want to take the help of specialized web magazines for this purpose. Make sure if any alteration is needed, and that you have enough time in hand for that to happen. Don’t be careless about the accessories – they should match your dress.
7. Take care of your hair, because it plays a great role in deciding your appearance. Consult your hairdresser to find out what suits you best. Arrange trial runs with different hairstyles. Be particular about the color, tiara, veil or the floral decoration, if you are a bride.
8. Illuminate your little heaven with multicolor lights that match the ambience of your party.
9. Select your partner's gift carefully to suit his/her taste.
10. Pay special attention to the departure of the guests, and maintain your etiquettes till the very last one of them is gone.