Tips for the Groom at his Wedding Day and Giving Up Bachelor Life

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Congratulations! Now that you are through with your proposing the girl of your dreams and have exchanged your rings, it is time to look forward. And trust me, however much time you believe you have in your hands, it’s not enough if you don’t start planning from now.

At the very onset let us make two clear divisions in the area you need to plan on – first of all, the general arrangements that you need to make to see that the event goes off smoothly, and secondly the things that you have to do so that you are at your best on the D-day.

It’s ok if you think your fiancée is going a little overboard with all her plans for the day. But you have to keep in mind that she has been dreaming of the day and has been playing dress-up girl ever since she was a little girl. So even if you don’t feel that involved don’t make that evident to her. She would be coming to you with innumerable questions regarding the plans for the wedding, try and give her a patient hearing. There’s no harm in listening!
Obviously, there would also be your parents who would be equally pestering, and more often than not, their ideas would be pretty different from what your bride-to-be has in her mind. Try and understand their sentiments and make an effort to accommodate as much of their request as possible. This would be tricky and in case you have to take sides my suggestion would be to lean towards your fiancée, cause she would be the one you have to spend the rest of your life with. Parents will forget, she won’t!

If you plan to exchange gifts with your fiancée before your wedding, then, please, find some time out, and think about her gift before you buy it. You can bet she herself would put in plenty of thought behind your gift. Get her something that lasts forever, like jewelry.

Okay, guess if you are giving up your bachelor life you would want one last stag night. But don’t arrange for it the night before the big day. Get it done and over with at least a week before.

That was all about the general arrangements. But that doesn’t mean all these days you won’t be planning for yourself. Fact is you have to. Let us start with what you are going to wear. Decide about it at least four months before your wedding, give yourself a month to find the right one, and keep it ready, either purchased or reserved, at least three months prior to the day. When you decide on your dress do check what your bride is going to wear and co-ordinate your outfits.

On the day, just before you dress-up don’t forget to shave. Shave on the direction your hair grows to avoid razor burns. A face pack too is wonderful for your skin to look radiant. Keep breath mints with you. Before you set off have a good breakfast and try and relax. Remember not to drink or smoke before you go to pick up your bride.

Now you are ready to take the plunge. All the best!