Should Flowers be Real or Artificial?

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Flowers are the most possessed things in this world. Flowers are like expressions. Flowers work like a charm. Flowers are like unspoken words that express your moods and feelings in a way that is beyond the scope of language.

So how much does it really matter whether flowers are real or artificial? Does not the boundary fade somewhere, somewhat? Does it not become insignificant somewhere? If we receive flowers from somebody special or on some special occasions, then we love to preserve them for days on end. We do not like them to get faded, dried and lost from the memory forever.

The solution to this dilemma at times boils down to the cost, appearance and durability factors. And let us not forget the most important factor: convenience.

But when all is said and done, what we must never forget is that expressions can never be fake, or rather that they should not ever be fake. They should always evoke a reaction in the recipient. They should convey the intended message to the person in question. How would you feel if a bride carried a bunch of silk roses on her wedding day, or if your child got a bunch of scentless, lifeless bunch of lilies on his or her birthday? How would a grave look like if a bunch of plastic carnations took the place of the real ones?

Expressions should not be ignored in favor of convenience or durability, but rather should be treasured, felt and heard. And since flowers are a genuine way of expressing the deep-felt sentiments, therefore they should never be artificial. A fresh rose can say a hundred of those words that your artificial stick cannot say. Fresh dew on the little lily bud can touch the deepest chord inside you.

Flowers are meant to be seen, heard and treasured. When nothing is constant and durable in this world, then why should flowers bear the responsibility of lasting forever? When emotions are so precious in this world, then why should we worry about the cost when we want to give flowers to somebody? And is convenience ever an issue when someone special is at stake?

Artificial flowers will decorate the corners of your house, but they will never smell or dance when the wind blows. When dirty they will only remind you of the pain involved in cleaning them. And also remember that emotions are momentary, impulsive and impromptu. So flowers meant for the purpose of expressing them do not really need to be sustained for longer than the moment.

Flowers can never be a neutral decorative item. They always carry some message and some meaning. They suit one particular occasion. Every color of the flower, every petal of the flower, is steeped in meaning. Artificial things can never evoke any reaction. They can only sit there as decorative items. And an item is not what we always want. We want life, and expressions of those feelings that make life worth living.