Should A Groom Buy His Tux? Getting a Tuxedo For Weddings

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Everyone wants to look his best for the wedding day and what suits a groom more than a tuxedo that fits perfectly. But the question that most guys have in their mind is, whether it would be wise to buy one or would it be prudent to rent one. This is an important decision as purchasing a tuxedo means a sizeable investment.

Most guys wear their first tuxedo for their high school prom. And more often than not it is a rented one. Since at that age a boy is more interested about how handsome he is looking in it, and whether he would be able to impress his dream-date, the ownership issue isn't that important. But once he is grown-up and is now ready to get married, he looks at things from a different perspective.

Well, to decide on whether to buy or rent a tuxedo one has to see the kind of life he lives. If his lifestyle generally involves a lot of socializing and he has to attend at least three black-tie functions a year, then it makes sense to invest in a tuxedo. But if not, then it is much wiser to rent.

Again, even if someone plans to buy a tuxedo he should go for a classic style as it would never go out of fashion. Getting a tux made following a recent trend could be a wrong investment as it may go out of fashion before the next occasion comes for you to wear it.

If you decide to rent your tuxedo, then do so from a reputed formalwear specialist and not just from any store which treats renting tuxedos as one of their many businesses like dry-cleaning and limousine service.

Whatever you decide on, rent or purchase, make sure you try it on well in advance and see that it fits properly. If you feel that any adjustment is needed then inform the concerned person on the spot and get the necessary alterations done.
You would have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of tuxedoes if you go to the specialists. They would make you aware of the latest trends and might also help you to decide the one for you. Generally they are very knowledgeable and it pays to listen to what they have to say.

When you put on your jacket see to it that it fits well on your chest and shoulders. The jacket sleeve should end where your thumb meets your wrist. Also check on the fit and length of your pants.

Get proper shoes and socks for your tux black if you are planning on a black tuxedo and white if you intend to wear a white one. There are many shoe styles you can choose from choose one which you are comfortable in as on the big day your feet will go through much stress.

As for accessories you can pick one from necktie, ascots, bowties or cravats. Make sure the one you choose compliments your vest. Formal cufflinks are a must which would make you look smarter and stylish.