Would you serve your own food or hire a catering service for your wedding party?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Can't decide which way to go? Don’t worry; here are some tips to help you decide.

• If you have more guests than 125, you should go to hire a caterer, if you have 60 to 125 guests, you can go for a self-catering, but do so only if you enjoy handling the responsibility. If it feels like another tedious thing to take care of, then it's not really worth your while to take further pressure on your already overburdened shoulders.
• Some people opt for self-service to save costs. So if you're having to cut a fine corner, then there's some reason to consider this option.
• Some people want to serve certain dishes that are beyond the repertoire of normal catering services. Something that is specific to their family perhaps, or their culture. If you have something like that in mind, you may want to go for self-service.
• If you are a resident of a remote place, far away from the city where there is no catering service, then you have no option but self-catering.
• Don’t jeopardize your pleasure and excitement about the wedding, by getting overexcited about the self-catering thing. Conversely, don’t forget to supervise and direct the catering in the excitement of marriage. If you opt for a catering service, you may want to decorate the dishes yourself, because many commercial services are mechanical in this respect.

If you're really going to do it yourself, keep these points in mind and you'll be reasonably safe.

*Be very practical about the budget and count your guests first in an intelligent manner.
*Expect to spend between $80 and $200 per person.
*Decide upon the menu, considering what can be easily cooked and in time.
*Appoint different persons to different departments; send somebody to buy the grocery first and send someone else for the meat. Ask a third somebody to collect the beverages, the liquor and the ice.
*Chop the meat in small pieces, so that it can be easily chewed.
*Hire a hall nearby the market place, from where you can access the market within 30 minutes.
*Keep some big tubs, pans, bags and utensils ready for emergencies. Conversely, prepare for the disposal of possible leftovers by arranging for a refrigerator.
*There are basically three kinds of catering- the buffet style, family style and the cafeteria style. Choose your style after careful consideration of your needs. The cafeteria style is a slow style. The guests choose the foods they want, and these are placed on their plates by the attendant(s). In the buffet style, all the dishes are kept decorated on the table; the side dishes are also kept along with them. Your guests will serve themselves. In the family style, each item is placed on a single large plate at each table, and your guests will pass these around among themselves. Dishes to replenished as and when necessary. Remember that in the buffet system, you should provide for 20% more food than estimated from the number of guests. This is because the buffet style, though fast and hassle-free, causes some wastage and over-eating.
* Hire big tables and keep sufficient forks and spoons on them.
* remember that the key word for a self-catering is ‘plan'. If you don't surpass your budget and stick to plan, you can certainly do it.