Outdoor Wedding Advice for Marriage Reception in The Open

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

So you’ve decided to hold your marriage reception in the open, perhaps in your lawn, on a beach, or by a river or a lake. This can be a very good idea if it is executed properly. One positive thing about outdoor weddings is that if you have your own space. You shall be saving big money on reception hall rents or hotel arrangements. Considerably more people can be accommodated outdoors than in an indoor hall, and the refreshing proximity to nature can never be reproduced in an indoors space, however well you might choose the décor and the theme.

But there are also things to worry about. For one thing, the season and the weather play big roles in the success of this kind of wedding. Will the weather act up and mar the big day? In planning for appropriate shoes and waterproof garments to protect yourself and your guests from possible rain, do not overlook the possibility of it being a really hot, sunny day, and the resultant discomfort that can bring! Have large canopy tents (waterproof) anyways to provide shelter from the rain or shade from a too-hot sun, whichever the case may be! Too much sunburn is harmful for skin and will make the guests exhausted. Such spaces will also ensure that you are not caught on a wrong foot on a particularly windy day, and that you do not find napkins, hats and disposable cups blowing all over the place.

Inform the guests beforehand about the nature of the venue, and remind them to pack shawls, towels and sunscreen. However, also keep supplies of sun tan lotion and towels handy for the less-prepared ones, so that the heat may not force them to leave the party too soon or force them to pose for snaps in a pathetic sun baked state. Ensure that you use bug spray as well as fresheners (you do not know what smells the wind may blow your way!)

Distributing sunscreen in cute little bottles, or handing out little fans on a hot day may be a good idea. Ensure that there is a lot of water and cool liquids to go around. You do not want your guests to get dehydrated and ruin the atmosphere.

Keep sufficient trash cans handy. To motivate your guests not to turn the place into a litter bin, and also to encourage them to pick up trash lying around and dispose of it properly.

Having an outdoors reception also ensures that you have a lot more space to stretch your legs and provide spaces for games, to keep younger guests out of mischief! Try not to hold your party in a public park, since it may turn out to be more public than you ever wanted your private ceremony to be! Holding it in a separately rented outdoor space gives you the chance to manage it better and keep out potential riff-raff who might join in uninvited to taste your food or just to shake a leg!