How to make Wedding Invitations, Selecting and Sending Out Invitation

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

A wedding invitation is a letter sent to a person, asking the recipient to attend a wedding. They are typically mailed out 6 weeks before the wedding date. Wedding invitations can sometimes have fancy writing on them known as calligraphy. Often they are mailed in double envelopes. You can also choose to hire a calligrapher for an elegant appearance.

An invitation to a wedding can be made by word of mouth, by telephone, or by email. The main objective is to make sure that guests know who, what, when, and where of the event. Your wedding invitation is more than just a simple invitation; it's a visual statement before the guest even reads the words. It conveys the ceremony and tone of your occasion through the formality of the paper, letter font, and style; the more formal your wedding, the more formal the invitation.

It is proper etiquette not to invite your guests to a formal wedding via email or phone or word of mouth. Formal invitations are printed on heavyweight ivory, cream, or white paper using a classic letter style such as Roman. These are generally engraved and traditionally written in the third person style.

In informal weddings you are free to customize your invitation with more informal language and style.
Apart from the usual paper letter and envelope used in writing and sending out invitations here are some unique ways to make wedding invitations:

One way is to fill clear glass ornament balls with dried flowers. Insert a ribbon with the name of the couple and the date written in silver or gold. Tie a bow of white ribbon on top. You can also have a white ribbon printed with the couple’s names. Tie it in a bow and place it on top of some big silver bells.

Another exclusive way is to have postcards made using the best engagement photos and write the invitation details on each.

If you decide to invite guests for informal weddings via email, it is best to list a postal address for those alien to email.

Normally the bride’s parents should send out the invitations, because by tradition they would host their daughter’s wedding. The wedding invitation suggests who is considered the host as the host issues the invitation. Therefore some couples wish to use this method out of respect for their parents and convention.

Not all invitations must be formal or informal cards. A cute handwritten note could be an option if your wedding is a small personal affair. An email communication could have a similar personal effect.

A fairly new concept is including the RSVP Reply or Response card with the invitation but this not obligatory. In the past it was mandatory but now we now include stamped response cards for getting a swift confirmation.

Addressing your envelope correctly very important as your invitation and is fashioned with its own protocol. Your envelopes should be handwritten and not computer generated.

All of your invitations should be mailed after properly writing the current address including zip code. These should be mailed 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding date.