Are you feeling restless for the forthcoming most sensuous moment of your life?

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Are you going to marry within one week, and feeling tensed about the crucial moment of your wedding? Cool down and just relax!

Easier said than done. Giving advice is all very cool and comfy, but after all, it is you who is out there, facing the music.

However, where there is a will, there is a way.

Here are a few tips to calm yourself down as the big day approaches.

- You can do some free hand exercises during the two or three weeks preceding your marriage. You can have an appointment with your physician or a gym instructor or a physiotherapist for this purpose. In these situations, yoga can also be a very effective way to get rid of tension. This ancient Indian technique is supposed to bring your physical body and your astral body together, thereby reducing the friction between them and relieving stress.
- You should follow a regular schedule and maintain regularity in your activities. You can go to the beauty parlor regularly so that you can hide the trace of anxiety depicted on your face. Get yourself some manicure or soft massage over there.
- You can zoom off for a long drive or a short outing. Take warm baths as often as possible. Sometimes, lighting up a candle in a darkened room and trying to meditate in solitude is a great help. Always try to think positive and act positive. Drink a cup of warm milk at night before bedtime. Listen to soft and tender music, numbers that are likely to lift you up and take you far away from the surrounding din and bustle.
- Donít take everything on yourself; distribute the duties among responsible people around you. Donít begin to suffer from a superiority complex and do not promise to pay all the costs alone.
- Do not ponder over the family tension much. If you are very much worried, do not try to suppress it. Expressing your anxiety in front of everyone will relieve some of it. If everybody is too busy to listen to you, please share it with your mother at least. She will certainly not ignore your problem.
- Plan your wedding realistically to reduce tension. If you so wish you can talk with a wedding consultant. Spend a lot of time with your family members. Assemble them for this purpose if necessary.
- On the day of the wedding be sure to remain in bed as long as your body needs to. Afterwards make a schedule of the whole day, take your breakfast in time, bathe, and in general try to enjoy yourself. Try to cherish getting dressed for the occasion, and not worry all through. You aren't the first person to get married, nor the last.
- However, if all fails and you find yourself getting more and more worked up as the fateful day approaches, you had better get in touch with the doctor, who is likely to prescribe you some anxiolytics or sleeping pills.