Have you ever thought how to buy a wedding ring?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

If not, then it's time to do so, with your wedding around the corner. Nobody is supposed to advise you in this matter, we only can give you some suggestions. You can follow the astrologerís alphabetical advice if you have faith in the art, but that will not give you an absolute satisfaction. A wedding ring is probably more about beauty and aesthetic pleasure than it is about astral signs. The secret is to strike the proper balance between astrology and design.
Consider the shape of the hand and the finger that is going to carry the ring. If it's a slender hand, the ring should be designed in a diagonal pattern with multiple stones. If the fingers are very slick, the ring should be flatter than normal.

The best metal for a wedding ring is an alloy of gold and platinum. Gold signifies eternal love and platinum is supposed to represent sublime purity. You can buy gold of different levels of purity, depending on your budget of course, starting from 14k or 18k all the way up to 24k gold. The dual metal reflects the perfection and purity of union.
The wedding ring, hopefully, is going to accompany someone forever. So it should try to emulate some of this everlasting quality. Platinum is the most durable metal on earth, but if platinum is beyond your reach you can opt for diamond, which is also strong enough to express the durability and the brightness of your marriage. Freeze that once-in-a-lifetime moment in the ring's flashing diamond. Light up the promise of long lasting friendship, faith, trust, truth, honor, respect, security, protection. A diamond is the epitome of desire, emotion, devotion, dedication; it is the symbolization of mutual vow, pledge, and promise. The ring is the depiction of the fulfillment of those things. A wedding ring is not merely an adornment, it is a container of memories, a reservoire of shared experiences and excitements. It is a token of your romantic fantasy and its realization.

If you want to go beyond conventional tradition and elegance, you can choose a ring designed with multicolor stones or black gold. But before choosing a trinket according to the latest fashion, pay attention to more serious concerns like everlasting value and true quality. All that glitters is not gold. If your wedding ring lacks sobriety and tries to dazzle everyone with a shocking radiance, it will merely manage to repel. Do not let your tastes be clouded over by the fad of the week.

To look for the perfect wedding ring, take the help of many websites dedicated to wedding jewelry. When going to buy the ring physically, desist from carrying along a troop of well-wishers, who will only manage to confuse you further. Take at most one trusted friend along, who knows your taste and can genuinely help you to make up your mind.