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By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

Congratulations! So finally the big day has come. Butterflies in the stomach. Nails do not cease from getting bitten. Are the trays packed and ready? Is the parlor the correct one for me? Has the gown got te exact length. Is my veil of the correct length? Are the flowers fresh and nice? Are he bridesmaids all prim and proper? Is the church the correct one that I have chosen? Will the bell ring at the proper time? And thousands and thousands of questions. But just remember the wedding day just belongs to you. Both of you have decisions to make and tasks to complete so that yours, will be the wedding day you always dreamed about. Be sure you do not miss out on anything. We are there to help you on that:
Checklist for the bride:
Visit your beauty salon for a pedicure and a manicure and any kind of facial treatment.
Attend the rehearsal and the dinner.
Make sure the ushers have the final guest list.
Make sure you eat something early morning.
Visit the beauty salon well ahead of time for your hair styling and complete bridal make-up.
Take you veil and headpiece and the jewelry that you are going to wear with you to the salon.
Make sure the wedding gown is all cleaned and steamed.
The attendants should arrive well within time.
The flowers should not arrive too early so that their freshness is retained. By he time the bride is dressed the flowers should have arrived.
Photographers must accompany you to the ceremony.
The car arrives and then all leave for the ceremony.
Checklist for the groom:
Should eat well in advance.
Should keep at least 2 hours time to yourself for getting dressed.
The bride’s ring must be ready and given to the best man.
Officiating fee must be ready and stored in an envelope with the best man.
The gifts for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen must be ready, along with that of the flowergirl and the ring bearer.
The dance sequence is like: bride, then both mothers, then the bridesmaids.

Checklist for the ceremony site:
Florist decorates site.
Musicians arrive.
Groom and best man arrives (1 hr. before ceremony).
Ushers arrive to seat guests (30 min. before ceremony).
Parents seated.
Bride, father, and Bridesmaids arrive.
Prelude begins.
Mothers are seated.
Procession begins.
Ceremony begins.
Photo session begins.
The Reception
Guests arrive.
Cocktail hour begins.
Bridal Party arrives.
First dance.
Dinner is served.
Toasts are raised.
Cake cutting.
Toss bouquet and garter.

So what are you thinking? Was all this an exciting process or a daunting one? Despite all the stress, couples down the ages have dealt with these miniscule wedding details and have successfully enjoyed every moment of the occasion. If we have not been able to satisfy all your queries, then all you need is Bible which guides you to prepare your wedding according to biblical details. We wish hat the day may turn out to be pleasant, happy and congenial for all of you.
Congratulations and may your new life be as blissful as Grimms’ fairy tales.