Best Places To Get Married and Choosing A Wedding Reception

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Wedding

The wedding reception should ideally follow the theme of the wedding itself, but that is not a hard and fast one. On the other hand, if you are planning a wedding on a traditional or conservative note, the reception might be a space to let your hair down, be truly creative and innovative and have all the fun in the world!

The first thing is to choose a location that is suitable on both accounts- your dream and your budget! The theme and the location would decide what activities you can plan to make your reception truly memorable. You can explore a variety of options here, such as romantic restaurants, private farmhouses, sporty outdoors, rented theatre, ballroom, mini cruise, club space with swimming pool or even a large cornfield clearing with cozy tents!

If you are holding the reception in a romantic hotel, you can create a wonderful setting with candles, roses, violin and piano music played live, good food and good wine to make your guests’ eyes sparkle. You may provide a space for dancing couples and have interesting activities or games that bring out the love in the air!

Private farmhouses may provide a space for enjoyment close to the heart of nature. In such a setting, all the above elements would blend in just as well, with an opportunity to dance under starlight and open skies. Or if it is a daytime event you are planning, you can do crazy stuff like tossing hay in twosomes or crushing berries underfoot, creating wine together.

If your choice is a ballroom, you can have fun with a masquerade dance, asking the guests to dress up in elegant, old world style. This way, you can create an atmosphere of old world charm and intrigue with the masks, with games and activities thrown in! Games may include guessing the identity of your partner, and getting a thrill out of dancing with a total stranger in a mask!

Or you could hold your reception in a disco and have fun on the dance floor with twinkling disc lights, theme-based dress code and lots of booze and finger food in addition to the main course!

If you can afford a mini cruise, nothing like it. The feeling of being afloat, the water breeze, fairy lights and lots of good food will make the occasion memorable.
Whatever be the settings, some things are indispensable and should be ensured at all costs. These include clean loos and refreshment rooms with sufficient running water and towels, comfortable sitting arrangements as well as ample space to walk, play or dance in without treading on people’s toes. There should be ample covering in case of an outdoors space, to guard against a rainy, too sunny or a windy day, as the case may be.