How To Avoid Date Rape

By Brown Articles Published 12/9/2013 | Dating

Dating is meant to be fun. Itís a chance to get to know new people and explore romantic possibilities with them. Itís an opportunity to go out and enjoy new experiences and forge delightful memories.

Sadly, some people do take advantage of the situation.

Indeed, because most women extend a certain degree of trust to their dates, some unscrupulous individuals use this as an opening to impose their carnal desires upon the hapless victim. Date rape is an ever-growing social ill that increases by the number with each passing year. Statistics show that women who are between the ages of 16 and 24 are 4 times more prone to date rape.

So how would you be able to avoid date rape? Here are some essential tips.

ē Limit your drinking. Itís alright to drink alcoholic beverages but donít take in too much to the point of losing your clear perception of things. 90% of date rape cases occur when the victim is drunk. Itís because in drunken stupor, people are at their weakest. They wonít be able to fight back and protect themselves against transgressors who are violating their rights. So drink in moderation. Have fun without feeling the need to pass out.

ē Keep your distance. A little flirting and a little intimacy may be fun, but donít overdo it to the point of surrendering yourself to your date. Always keep a safe distance so that youíd have the space to prepare yourself against any potential attacks. 84% of women who have been date raped say that they know their attackers. So even if he has been a great friend for many months, you can never be too sure. Itís better to be safe than sorry, so donít ever, ever forget to always be on the lookout for danger signs.

ē Consider going on a group date. Date rapes are less frequent happenings when there are more than two people who go out together. Youíd feel more secure when youíve got some female companions. You could always watch each otherís back.

ē The ride home is the most critical phase of the dating process. 88% of date rapes happen on the way home. If you could, try to secure a ride with a female companion, or at the very least, make sure that you have a trusted friend with you once your date decides to take you home.

ē Know your rights. For women above 18, rape is defined as forcible penetration of any part of the manís body on the womanís openings. By ďforced,Ē the law means that the woman has disagreed to such an act. However, this may not always be expressed. A sexual act on an unconscious woman can also be considered as rape, since she is devoid of reason. The same goes for a woman who is under the influence of a sedative or a drug that induces hallucination or extreme moods. You have sole rights to your body, remember that. No one can violate your territorial space without your consent.

ē Carry a pepper spray, a mace, or other self-defense objects with you. It is a given fact that males possess more physical strength than females. They can easily overpower you with brute force. Protective objects can help level the playing field.

Date rapes can be avoided, for as long as proper precautions are observed. Realizing the problem and the fact that it can possibly happen to you is the first step. You have to acknowledge the fact that date rape can happen to anyone, so that youíll always be on your guard. Then and only then will you be able to accept the need for the precautions we have enumerated above.