The Best Canine Companions For Hunting

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Hunting

Have you ever tried hunting alone? Surely, you would have experienced the thrill of the hunt, which many enthusiasts of the sport have been raving about. The excitement of the stalking, the tense moments of the struggle, and the thrill of the kill are aspects of the sport of hunting which practitioners are very much addicted to. However, the chores of hunting can sometimes be very onerous. Searching for a game, for example, can take a few hours. And once you’ve brought them down, searching for the bodies for clean-up can take just as much time.

Things would be easier, of course, if you have helpful company possessed with a keen sense of smell and who could easily point you to the right direction. This is the reason why, throughout the years, many hunters have found efficient and faithful friends in dogs. Dogs do exhibit an extraordinary sense for scents. They could pick up a trail of any scent they are trained to determine. And they could make hunting so much fun and enjoyable because of the convenience their presence would provide.

Not all dogs are meant for hunting, however. Dogs of the toy variety, for example, are not really trainable for outdoor activities. Some canine types possess a stronger sense of smell as well as the required aptitude for hunting activities. Others are best left as guard dogs or indoor companions.

So what are the dogs that can greatly help you in some hunting purposes? Here is a list of dog breeds that you could invest on.

• Hounds. There are many breeds of hounds. They are named as such because they possess the most powerful sense of smell among all the breeds of dogs there are. Investing on hounds is a “can’t miss” option for hunters, whether they are planning on preying on some birds, deer, wild boars and the likes. Hounds are easy to train for hunting purposes, since these dogs are meant for the outdoors. It is their environment. Whenever they are in grasslands or in the forests, hounds are in their natural element.

• Labradors. The All American, All Purpose dog is also a great choice, not just for hunting purposes, but for a variety of tasks as well. Labradors are one of the most intelligent breeds of canine companions in the world. Even pups would be very easy to train. Though they may not have the keen sense of smell that hounds possess, they more than make up for it with their obedience and their general aptitude. They work well with minimal supervision, and they are tireless companions that will always be eager to please their masters.

• American bulldogs. Bulldogs have a sense of smell that could rival hounds, though they could be a little slower. Nonetheless, many hunters profess that American bulldogs are the best catch dogs in the world of hunting. They are taken in for specific purposes and to satisfy specific aspects of hunting. As such, they are recommended for seasoned hunters who know what they want. A novice hunter should stick with the breeds that show more versatility.

• Argentine dogos. These are dogs that would make you believe that they are bred for hunting. They are fast and strong, and they could easily hurdle the rigors of the hunting game. Though they do trail behind in the sniffing prowess department, their agility, flexibility and versatility more than makes up for what they lack in their sense of smell.

Of course, it goes without saying that hunting dogs, regardless of breed, need to be trained. Additionally, you should take good care of them, as the rigors of hunting can take their toll on your faithful canine companions. These aside, hunting dogs are great options for the serious hunter.