The Many Joys Of Bow Hunting

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Hunting

There is more fulfillment in accomplishing things when we are left with less powerful resources. Though firearms are the more popular tools in game hunting in this day and age, bows are still preferred by some. This traditional hunting weapon has been around for ages. In fact, even primitive man has been known to use a bow and an arrow in hunting for food to provide for his family. It has since developed into a sport of its own, one of the oldest known to man. Archery, in fact, is one of the few sports that have been a staple in all of the episodes of the Olympic Games.

But bow hunting is very much different from archery. You wont be aiming for stationary, inanimate objects. Youll be gunning for live ones, called games, which think on their own. Its a sport that pits you against the animals you will be hunting. Its a game of wits, come to think of it, with you trying to outplay the game, and with the game trying to evade you. Who would eventually prevail is what makes the sport exciting.

And the fact that youll be using a weapon of legends would only add to the thrill.

Of course, there are more delights that can be derived from bow hunting. Lets take a look at them.

 Bow hunting is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. With firearms, your only concern is to draw the game within your firing range. Bow hunting provides more challenges. Not only do you have to draw the game within your firing range, you also have to calculate how much force you would need to shoot your arrow, the trajectory that is needed to reach your target, and outside factors like terrain, elevation and wind that would affect the angle of your shot. Its a much more difficult task, but a significantly more satisfying one once the rewards are achieved.

 Bow hunting also provides a wide selection of bow types for your needs. Every bow type provides a different experience, hence adding a multidimensional feel to the sport. Compound bows, recurve bows and crossbows are a few of the popular varieties you could choose from. Each has its own feel, its own level of difficulty, and its own area of efficiency. Your choice of bow is comparable to your choice of irons in a golf game. There is one which is perfect for a particular need.

 Bow hunting requires you to get closer to the target. A bow could only cover a certain distance, after all. This adds to the excitement that can be derived from hunting. And it would give you the chance to get more acquainted with your game.

 Bow hunting is allotted more months in most states. Usually, the period if from October to January. Hunting with a gun is only allowed for a few days in November and December. So immediately, youd know that more experiences can be had with bow hunting. Youd get more chances to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

 Bow hunting is a very relaxing sport. Contrary to the demands it entails, bow hunting can actually serve as a great stress relieving activity that could invigorate the mind, the body and the soul.

If youre looking for a wonderful pastime, or a simple alternative to hunting with a gun, then do consider bow hunting. Its enthusiasts profess to the fact that bow hunting is one of the most addictive sports in the world. Youll be dreaming about it for the many months in between seasons, and you wont be able to wait for the start of the months when you could go explore the great outdoors to prey on some games.