What to Wear: Dress Code for Women While Traveling

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Travel

When you travel to a different country you expect to experience new culture, new customs and meet new people. You may find that there philosophy toward life is different form yours. And so are their ideas about how one should carry himself or herself in public. Generally it is observed that most countries have a definite dressing code and it is expected of you to respect that when you travel to that country.
Suppose you are in Nepal. The last thing that you would want to go out in are strappy tops and short skirts. The Nepalese people are still pretty conservative and most people do not approve skimpy clothing. The best bet would be to wear lose t-shirts and track pants.
Again if you are in Egypt try and avoid wearing shorts. In fact, anything that fits too tight on to your body is not wise to wear. This will also spare you of the unnecessary attention which you otherwise may draw. Your t-shirt sleeves should reach your elbows and the skirt you wear must cover your knees. Remember the amount of clothing is directly proportional to the respect you get. If you have long hair try to tie it back. Refrain from smoking in public as it is still not an accepted behavior in Egypt for women to smoke.
In Iran you should always wear a headscarf and loose fitting clothes. That way you won't offend the people on the street. It would be even better if you can help not wearing make up. Try and buy some local clothes and wear them. That is the surest way to blend in. and if you are not recognized in the crowd as a foreigner, the less are the chances of getting harassed.
If these accounts makes you believe that you would better stick to Europe where you can wear anything and roam about freely, think again! For example, in Italy if you go out in shorts or mini skirts you would soon be labeled an American. Your skirt should have to be ankle length. Or you can wear trousers.
So you see, it is better that before you set off for a new country try and learn a few thing about there customs and dressing pattern and pack your luggage keeping that in mind. Also remember to check the type of weather you are going to encounter there. That also provides you with some pointers so as to what to carry and what not to.
Besides clothing there are a few other things that you also need to keep in mind. Try and wear as little jewelry as possible or else you can become a target for the thieves. Try and avoid wearing money belts or fanny packs for the same reason.
Also remember some clothes that might be acceptable on streets will not be in a few religious or important sites. Try and find out what the custom is and dress accordingly before you visit that particular site.
One last thing. You should always remove your shoes before you enter any mosques or Hindu or Buddhist temples.
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