Visiting Orlando, Florida things you need to know

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Travel

These days people find it so hard to get time off from their busy schedules and spend some quality time with their family. Parents are busy with their work in the office and the kids' routines are no less demanding with school, activity clubs, etc. so when the entire family do get some time out it is wise to spend the time together at some place where you have all the necessary arrangements to suit your every mood. Orlando, Florida would sure score high on a list of such places.

Orlando has seven theme parks and four water parks. That means a lot of excitement. And a lot to explore. And well, when you are done with the exhilarating rides you can head straight for any of the nine local malls or the four outlet centers which house almost anything from any brand. This would be one shopping experience that you won't forget in a hurry. Guess after such an hectic day everyone would be ready for a sumptuous meal. Again you are spoilt for choice. You can pick from the numerous family restaurants and theme eateries that are spread all over Orlando.

But Orlando does not only cater to families. It is a dream destination for any couple or adult. Besides the parks and malls, the place also is renowned for its fine dining facilities, championship golf (there are 168 golf courses within 40 minutes of Orlando), late night clubs, and luxurious spa resorts.

Orlando Convention & Visitors' Bureau arranges special programs for family or fraternity. In fact if you notify them before your visit they will arrange for your accommodation and will also provide you with a personalized family reunion website where you would be able to get all the details you need when you visit Orlando. They even arrange for one-day itineraries for you to get to see Orlando better. And all these come as a part of a complimentary service. In fact many big corporate houses have chosen Orlando for their meeting and conventions. The Orlando CVB pledges that they would take the same care for you if you go and visit them.

Orlando, Florida, has a major international airport, a Greyhound bus terminal, and an Amtrak station. Spaceport USA and Kennedy Space Center are about an hour's drive from Orlando heading east toward the coast. The Kennedy Space Center is open to visitors. Although much of it has to be viewed from a bus, it is remarkable that it can be viewed at all. Its main tourist attractions include a museum.

The Walt Disney World is another major attraction. With a wide array of rides and attractions this magical world is a huge favorite both with the kids and their parents.

There are a lot of hotels where you can look for your accommodation. They cater to people from all sections of the society and depending up on your budget you can either go for few of the most luxurious suites or for some thing that is more economical.
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