How to Remember your Vacations and Preserving Vacation Pictures

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Travel

Vacation is leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure. Vacations are about building close family ties. Sharing experiences creates quality bonding time. Taking a vacation together is an ideal way to strengthen family relationships outside of the daily schedule and tasks. As the years pass, your children may not remember the details of the vacation or even going to Disneyland, but they will have developed special feelings for the family and have fond memories of being together.

Vacations are times we always want to remember. We are able to see sights we may never see again. We do things we may never go back to do, and meet people for the first and often last time. One of the most important things we do to remember our vacations are to take photos.

Picture albums containing vacation photos are now passť. The best way to preserve vacation pictures now is to put them on a DVD. This way the quality of the picture on DVD will last longer than the picture itself. Having your vacation turned into DVD memories makes it easier to share with family and friends, without the hassle of all the loose photos or huge albums.

Another unique way to preserving vacation pictures is to take black and white photos and close up shots. This removes the distraction of color and lets the true essence shine through. When shooting the architecture of a city, it shows the age, the quality of a building like color cannot. Take pictures of the same subject from different angles as recording the different perspectives is vital. When taking pictures donít forget about YOU! You must request people to take your photo. Ask your companion to take your photo. Do it. You are just as important.

Not all people like carrying a camera. Some find it is a weight dangling from the neck. These folks are more creative and have developed their own techniques to recall their vacations. One method is to send self addressed postcards back home. Buy picture postcards, writes a few lines describing your trip, and mail them home. Postcards have superb pictures taken by professionals. When you return from their vacation, simply paste the postcards into an album, instantly creating a complete photographic and written record of their vacation.

An interesting way to remember your vacations is to carry a video camera to record memories of not natural scenery but of your interesting fellow travelers you get to during your vacation and you never want to forget them. If you videotape their stories and replay them at home, it will make your trip come to life. You can also collect stories, local recipes, and unusual souvenirs from the local people.

To truly remember your vacations you must enjoy the company of your fellow travelers. Collecting stuff may help you remember where you've been, but the most important part of any holiday is sure to be the lovely folks you meet on your trip.
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