A Guide to Top Yoga Retreats and Yoga Vacation Plans

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/9/2013 | Travel

People often go on vacations in search of a placid, refreshing strength. But that is possible only if you find a real Yoga retreat. Life in our times is full of stresses and strains. The unrelenting pressure for power and status symbols takes its toll on body and spirit. Even thinking of vacations sometimes can sometimes turn into a rat race. If my neighbor traveled to the Pyramids, I have to travel to the Angkor Vat! Serene, happy recluse has nearly vanished from our lives.

Hence if you are planning a vacation think of a true one that relaxes and rejuvenates. For this purpose you have to experience your vacation with your total existence through every nerve and muscle in your body and every neuron, and perceive the self in an ever festive universe. This can be done through a vacation in a yoga retreat in a place of divine beauty.

There are a large number of such retreats and a list of them can be found on the web. But there are quite a few surreptitiously fraudulent ones. Hence you must be careful so that you visit only one of the legally authorized centers. What you look for in such a place is the competence and the environment maintained ready for an adequate refreshing of health and spirit. Often a well advertised spot is found incapable. Hence you will look for a place with placid intervals of relaxation, correct yet sumptuous amounts of food and beverage, and story time sessions in some exclusive lush green backdrop or a calm and lonely sea-beach resort. Isla Mujeres, for example, fits all the needs as a Yoga retreat in Mexico. You need your own gear but a good competent yoga teacher is available for the sessions. Calm and placid retreat is possible whenever you want, as well as custom yoga sessions.

As yoga is a way of experiencing your life in full, you need to learn from teachers who are knowledgeable about the relationship between your astral body and the physical body, and also about the Asanas. It is wise to make primary visits to some yoga zones in your city, like the ones in Manhattan or New School University, to be informed of the basics. A proper schedule in such a retreat should give you time with a respectable and dependable group of people practising yoga, morning and evening sessions of Yoga exercises (the Asanas) etc. Also, there should be an excellent organic restaurant, providing hearty meals consisting of fresh fruit, yoghurt, and other warm dishes (like eggs prepared in various delicious ways or French toast). You will need free time in between for writing or shopping or for a time on the outdoor on hammocks. In short a competent yoga session should be able to combine intense practice with playful vacation in a splendid space for an experience that virtually redefines relaxation and rejuvenation.
A competent yoga center should enable you to perceive the playful and meditative side of yoga. Restorative yoga, gentle yoga, partner yoga, and walking meditations are some of the normally available modules. spread your yoga blanket on the ground near a beach or a green spot and get relaxed into suitable asanas, overseen by the stars. Access to facilities and opportunities of these kinds is an indispensable characteristic that you have to look for in your retreat. Remember yoga is not so much the target of your vacation as it is the frame that holds the vacation together. The best yoga retreats let you accept yoga as a part of your life, making you healthier, stronger and calmer.
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