High Chair Buying Guide

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Kids & Teens

Keeping pace with the fast and busy, modern lifestyle, the upbringing of children has changed a lot. Now you can find countless helpful baby equipments around you that make the rearing of your child much easier than before. For centuries, the high chairs have remained a very helpful kit for the new mothers whose children have just been introduced to solid food. The ways of child rearing have changed, but the utility of high chairs is still acknowledged. In fact, next to cribs, high chairs represent the highest sell among all other baby products. Lots of efforts and imagination have led to the creation of baby high chairs that are not only varied in design, they incorporate several useful features along with a sturdy construction. You can use a high chair even before the baby has started to take solid food, as it proves to be an excellent landing place for your baby during the busy hours all through the day. It is a good idea to place the baby in the high chair during family meal sessions to get her accustomed to the family goings on and the spirit of togetherness.

High chair is an equipment that stays in constant use all through the growing years of your child. So you have to invest in a product that is durable. The features should prove to be functional for your purpose and it should look attractive to catch the attention of your little baby. But it is the question of safety that comes as the foremost consideration at the time of buying a high chair.

Fisher Price, Babee Tenda, Stokke, Graco all are the trusted names in the baby product industry who also manufacture good quality high chairs. Depending on your personal preferences you can pick up any of their models. Before making the choice, consider the following points.  


Depending on the age and weight of the child, you can choose from mainly three styles of high chairs.

Conventional: The Conventional Highchair that has a wooden construction has the most traditional design comprising the basic components needed to feed your baby. Sometimes also made of metal or plastic, it includes a plastic tray and safety straps. A cushion is to be purchased separately to provide comfort to your baby. While wooden high chairs are most difficult to clean, they are the most durable of the whole lot and can be preserved for the use of the next generation. They also better complement your kitchen décor.

Adjustable: These have become the first choice of the modern parents as these light weight, portable and easy to store chairs are adjustable according to your babys growth and as a result can be used for long. They are provided with adjustable seats and trays and their heights can also be adjusted to bring the baby down to your seat level in the dining table.

A fully reclining high chair is helpful even for a new born baby as these chairs come to your help at the time of bottle-feeding.

For older babies bring a highchair with an adjustable footrest.

Booster: Highchairs are also available in the form of a Booster Seat that is nothing but a plastic chair that can be strapped to any ordinary kitchen chair. It boosts up your childs height to adjust her to the height of dining table and helps her to enjoy the meals just like the adults.  The boosters also come with built-in trays and straps. They can be carried outdoor conveniently as most of them can be folded up. 


The primary consideration of choosing the high chair is its safety. Check out whether the model of your choice has a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certificate on it. All the renowned baby product manufacturers follow the stipulations of JPMA safety standards.


Look for a high chair with a wide base which has the lowest possible chance of tipping over with a fidgety and jiggling baby on it. It will also save much of your efforts at the time of cleaning the space under the chair.

Right kind of wheels and locking mechanism

High chairs with wheel are a great idea as it allows you to move the baby all through the home. Buy only those wheeled chairs that have strong locks on the wheels.

Then, in case of foldable chairs, look for a foolproof locking mechanism so that it does not collapse or get accidentally folded with the bay inside. In addition to that, the locks should work smoothly ensuring an easy folding.

Safety Belts

The belts of the baby high chair must be strong and washable. The premium quality highchairs comprise a plastic restraint and five-point safety harness with shoulder straps that prevent the baby from getting toppled or slipped under the tray. There are also the models with molded plastic post that stands between the two legs of the baby and stops it from slipping under the tray.