The Fun of Reading Romantic Novels Together

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/24/2006 | Marriage

Remember those wild days of dating, when you used to move out together painting the city red? Those were the days when everything in this world seemed beautiful and every moment was filled with mirth and laughter without any valid reason. At the end of every meeting, it seemed time ran out too quickly. And those were the days when you longed for the day when you could join each other in the sacred and permanent union of marriage. Then the gala wedding took place, babies arrived in due course of time, responsibilities heightened and the word romance seems to get disappeared from your dictionary. The romance of your relation seems to disappear for once and all. Do not get frustrated, this is not the story of your life alone, there are thousands of couples who suddenly discover one fine morning that fire of their initial relationship has lost its heat and glow. But there are lots of ways to sustain romance in your relationship and reading romantic books together is one of the most effective among them. Because books are the most basic means that can bring back smile in the face of any human being, young or old, male or female.

According to the scholars, there are variety of reasons why romantic novels have such a revitalizing effects on our minds. The romantic novels transport you to the world of fantasy where you can roam about in boundless liberty. Till middle ages, romantic novels represented a tragic ending where the male and female protagonists were torn apart, with their love intact in their minds, or they died together to reunite after death. In the 19th century romantic novelsa golden period for romantic genre of literature producing some of the finest romantic authors like Jane Austen or Bronte sisters we find a fairy tale ending hinting on a happy married life of the hero and heroine and because of various socio- cultural reasons this trend of happy ending still continues.

Leaving aside the academicians or critics, the common people like you and me find more pleasure in reading the romantic novels that have a happy ending. We like to share the experience of reading such fictions with our spouses because they kindle optimism and hope. We get assured of the value of love and in our sub conscious minds we strive to emulate the enduring love in our own relation as well. The message that these romantic novels communicate is love can conquer all odds and that fills us with passion and renewed love for our life partners.

According to various international polls, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is the most romantic novel of all time with the close following of Jane Eyre, Gone with the Wind, Wuthering Heights and Rebecca and these five romantic novels together make the greatest five romantic novels read by the maximum number of people around the world. All these novels revolve around the central theme of certain risks due to the falling in love and the costs you have to pay for taking the risk, but in the end, the lovers rise over the turmoil and emerge triumphant with the world supporting their love.

The popularity of these novels show, how much we value love and passion in our relationships and how the institution of marriage is still respected. When you read together with your spouse these romantic novels you place yourself in the roles of the protagonists, you get involved in their joys and sorrows, absorb within yourself, their passion and emotions, imagine how you could have dealt with the obstacles if you were in their position. Thus at the time of reading together, the passions of the protagonists are extended within you and thus the whole thing becomes extremely romantic.

Romantic novels give you a perfect excuse of sharing some quality time with each other. You can choose any romantic novel and read few pages everyday. Sometimes, the husbands show reluctance in reading fictions. Then it becomes the responsibility of the wife to spark off the enthusiasm of the husband in reading. For first few days read out to him in an attractive manner, and just like the princess of the Arabian Nights, stop just before the next interesting chapter begins to heighten his anticipation. Soon the man will find interest in reading along with you, and believe me, you will get back to those early days of marriage when every night was filled with romance and more romance.