The Romantic Ways to Ask Will You Marry Me?

By Charles Hopkins Published 06/24/2006 | Marriage

Well, at last you have found out the princess of your dream. Now the problem is how you will ask your loved one the most difficult question of your life. It is just natural that you want to propose your beloved in a really romantic way. After all you have always adored the scenes of those romantic movies where the hero proposes the woman he loves in the most dramatic manner amidst the most romantic setting and waited for the day when you will meet the dream girl of your life and get the chance of enacting such a romantic scene yourself.  Get ideas here to give a creative direction to the act of you proposal.

Asking a special person to marry you is a significant event of your life; you are inviting someone to become the partner in all ups and downs of your life. May be you have discussed number of times about marriage, but this time you are formally popping up the question and thus the occasion has immense gravity as finally your love is going to acquire the formal recognition.  So set the right mood to get engaged in style. Take personal taste of your sweetheart in consideration. It shows how much you care if you make the proposal with her liking in mind.

First of all, the scene of proposal is an important point to consider. If your sweetheart is an extremely shy person, she will not feel comfortable being proposed amidst a crowd, even if it consists of close friends and family. However, if your girl friend happens to possess a gregarious personality, she may feel special if you ask her to marry before a gathering of close friends.

In general it is a romantic idea to choose a place which matters to both of you as a couple. It may be the place where you first met, where you first exchanged the words of love and so on.

Also choose the proper timing. A particular restaurant may be your favorite dating joint, but during the lunch when it is mostly crowded will not make an ideal venue for popping up such a serious question. If you are going to propose her in the open air, keep an eye on your watch. Consult your sweethearts personality to know whether a setting sun, or the star lit sky provides the proper backdrop for the purpose.

Now the question is how you present your question, whether straight or in a speculative manner. In the old world, in stead of asking the lady herself they used to ask the prospective father-in-law for his daughter's hand in marriage. Why not combine the charms of old world with the smartness of present modern world? Go for the most traditional way of proposing your beloved by bending on your knees, clenching a red rose in your teeth and holding the ring in your hand and asking the princess of your dream if she will marry you. This is a gesture that is equated with chivalrous men and the even the most modern girl will appreciate your style of proposal.

Next is the question of how to present the ring to the girl in the most romantic way? Whatever you choose to do, but never present it to her by taking it out straight from the box. Presenting the ring in a champagne bottle is a time tested romantic way of presenting the ring. One of my friends told me how her husband had proposed herhe took her to a surprise dating at the sea beach and presented a sea shell and within the shell she found the diamond engagement ring. Like this you can present the ring in various romantic ways. You can take her for dining and place the ring on her favorite cake with the question inscribed on the cake.

Add creativity and imagination to make the whole act of proposal beautiful and unique. Me and my husband shared the passion for water sports and one day when we were boating leisurely on the lake, my husband asked me will you row the boat for me for the rest of my life?For me, it has remained the most romantic proposals of all I have ever heard of.