An Overview of Air Fresheners

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Auto and Trucks

Some days, we want to get in our cars and drive. When we do this, it helps if the aroma within the car is something that we find relaxing and inviting. Two things help us accomplish this goal. First, we make sure to keep the interior clean. Second, we invest in a good quality care air freshener.

Most of us are familiar with those pine scented tree shaped air fresheners that we can hang from the rear view mirror. But how many people know that you can actually get all sorts of different types of hanging paper air fresheners? They come in all sorts of shapes and with a wide array of scents.  Some examples are fruit-shaped fresheners, cartoon characters, sports equipment, and even celebrity faces.  Imagine your favorite movie star grinning at you each time you step into your car!

Paper air fresheners do not tend to last for more than a couple of months at best, so be prepared to replace them fairly often. Fortunately, they do not tend to be very expensive. Plus you have the opportunity to try a new scent for awhile, without having a lot of money tied up in keeping the car smelling nice.

Moving up a step from the paper air fresheners are the clip on types. Just as you have the solid air fresheners that you can stick in a discreet spot in your home, these clip on types can be attached in an out of the way spot in the car and will provide the scent without the visual aid of something swinging from your rear view mirror. These clip types also are refillable, which makes it easy to change out from time to time.

You can also purchase fresh gel air fresheners that can be placed under the front seats of your vehicles.  Just make sure you do not place them near anything that would interfere with the tracks that allow the seat to move back and forth. The gels can last for several months, so if you are looking for a relatively long term solution, this might be your best bet. While the choices in scents are not as prolific as with the clips or the paper air fresheners, there is still plenty to choose from.

Regardless of what form of car air freshener works best for you, the range of scents is so broad today that you are sure to find several that will please you. A quick scan of the Internet will yield information on such trendy items to hang form the mirror as "Flaming Scents," "National Pride," and Merlin the Magician. The scents range from the fairly ordinary, such as cherry, lemon or musk to the much more exotic, like home baked apple pie or Christmas cookie. If you want to make old things smell young again, you can even go for a new car scent or the rich aroma of leather. There are all sorts of blends as well, reflecting mixtures of different herbs and spices. If you've ever burned incense or lit a scented candle, chances are you can find that same fragrance in a car air freshener.

One great thing about air fresheners is that chances are there are one or more scents that you find invigorating. Certainly, anything that helps you to be more aware and alert while you are driving could be considered a good investment.