Car Waxing Tips

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Auto and Trucks

Like car washing, car waxing can be done at home or by the professionals at a car care shop. Many car washes even include waxing as part of the total package if you dont mind paying a little more. The detailer shop that offers waxing as a part of their service will have the electric buffers to shine it up at the end, but if you do it yourself, youll be happily surprised at how good your car will look when it's done without the help of any experts.

When preparing your car for a home waxing job, first clean it; and then park it in the shade, so the car is not too hot. If the car is excessively hot, the wax will simply bake itself onto the car. When deciding which wax to use, read the ingredients. Some have abrasives in them and this can damage many car finishes and paints. Therefore its better to use instead a wax that contains no abrasives in it. When you have the wax you think is best to use, take your damp cloth or sponge, and dip it into the wax, removing a ping-pong ball size mass to begin with.

Rub the wax in by means of a circular motion. Keep the wax out of joints, doorjambs, or anywhere else that it might get caught. If you lose some into those spots, the best thing to use is an old toothbrush to get it out. You dont want wax in those areas. Start at one end of the car and slowly head towards the other end. Continue the gentle circular motions as you go. When you get to the far end, the place you started from will be ready for you to begin removing the wax.

For any of you who had kids before all you could use were disposable diapers, those old flannel ones are the best kind of cloth for this next step. If you dont have any, use a soft towel--preferably one you dont intend on putting back with the ones you use daily. Now wipe the wax off, starting in the area you began. Make sure that you do this step immediately following putting the wax on; if it stays on too long, it will be very difficult to remove.

One important thing to consider when you wax your own car is how frequently do you want to have to do it. If not too often is the first thought that comes to mind, then the better the wax you use, the less often your car will require this type of care. Most detailers will have a favorite brand they like to use, but at the same time, theyll tell you that Carnauba wax is the best there is. It costs a little more, but is much easier to spread, seals better and wipes off better at the end. When youre done waxing your car, step back and look with pride at a job well done.