How to Clean Your Undercarriage

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Auto and Trucks

Car maintenance is important. Oil changes, checking air pressure in the tires, and changing air filers will keep the car in good shape for many years. Cleaning the car is also important. But many people forget to clean the underside, or undercarriage of their car when washing it themselves. Cleaning underneath is just as important as making sure the car looks shiny and clean. Some people forget to clean the undercarriage or think that is will be cleaned when driving through a puddle during a rain storm. The truth is, is that dirt and debris can build up underneath one's car. This could lead to other damage down the road. There are a few ways to clean the undercarriage so that is stays clean and the car can continue to run properly.

When hand washing a car, many people use a hose attachment that is pressurized. Using this attachment when washing the undercarriage will loosen dirt and debris from underneath the car. Start spaying the front of the car and work backward. Be sure to get as far underneath as possible. If there is a way to lift the car, it is best to do this so that a person can see what needs to be cleaned more thoroughly. Do this every time the car is washed. This will keep car parts like the muffler, exhaust system, and brakes in good shape. There is less chance that a rock or a stick will get lodged in one of these parts.

Another alternative to hand washing is taking the car to an automatic car wash. At the car wash, the undercarriage will be sprayed by several pressurized hoses. This method will definitely clean the underside of any car. Having the car washed every few months using an automatic car wash is a great way to keep the undercarriage clean. For those who do not like to use an automatic car wash, using one once a year may help keep the undercarriage clean. This is a preventative measure that more and more people are now taking on the advice of their mechanic.

Many people use their cars for business trips, family vacations, or for everyday errands. Cars that are used everyday will pick up dirt, rocks, and other types of debris on the road. After years of wear and tear, a car will being to need new parts, and will need extra care. Making sure all the cars parts are thoroughly cleaned every few months will ensure a cars long lifetime. Having an undercarriage coating applied before buying a car will keep rust from forming which could lead to other types of damage. These days people understand the need to maintain a car beyond making is appear clean. There are many ways to lengthen a cars life and it keep it running like new. A clean undercarriage is a simple task that anyone can perform. If a person does not hand wash their car, be sure to go to an automated car wash that will clean the undercarriage.