Purchasing A Car Care Kit

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Auto and Trucks

There are two schools of thought on buying a car care kit instead of putting one together on your own. One side will tell you that buying a kit saves money, you get everything you need to take care of your car at one time, and you dont need to waste time shopping around for individual items. Pick the right kit and its all there.

The other side disagrees. They say that care car kits are not specific enough to an individuals needs. The dissenters say that the kits are too generic and frequently have products where only part of what is being offered is useful, and the rest is filler that cant possibly be functional. This group will say the filler is the companys way of making money by adding in useless products.

Looking at an average package offered through car care sites on the net, you can see the variety of car care products that are offered. One such kit includes conditioning shampoo for the body, which actually is enriched by Vitamins B and E. Oddly, this one sounds more like something for your hair than your car. It also has a gloss enhancing polish, a wheel cleaner, car wax, sponges and applicator pads. This package was seventy dollars not including shipping. This kit will appeal to many who want a complete car care kit so they can make their car look new and attractive. Doing the work themselves appeals to many men. It's relaxing, and at the same time, the car is known as a mans largest toy, so he must look after it. 

The above kit is priced in the midrange. You can easily spend over a hundred dollars, which gives you seven items that will clean, polish, and seal the body of your vehicle. These shampoos, sealants, polishes, and waxes are designed to make your car look good and protect the finish.

Can you pick and choose the car care products you prefer and so in essence make the kit yourself? Yes, and the benefits to this are that you may prefer the shampoo made by one company, the wax made by another, and the sealant made by a third. Though its likely that mixing and matching products will cost you more than buying them in a kit.

The dissenters will tell you that the kits are made to sell product, that they are for promoting one companys goods as better. This is not necessarily wrong, but neither is it an unusual method of selling. Your best bet is to check out the automotive section of your hardware store or department store. Then compare the kits with the ones you have looked at on the Internet. Know what youre looking for, what you want to do to your car. Once this is decided, and you think you have the car care kit you want, buy it and try it out. Hopefully the products will be good and the dissenters can go on their way while you make your vehicle shine.