Tips for Checking Your Oil

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Auto and Trucks

Frequent oil changes are needed to keep a car on the road. Without it, a car will suffer. It will become harder to start, will be less fuel efficient on the road, and will eventually not run at all. When this happens, this is usually because the engine has ceased to work. Oil is needed for the engine. But by taking a car in for regular oil changes, the engine will remain clean and will run smoothly. Check the oil once a month to make sure the level is high enough. After three thousand miles, the oil should be changed. Every three months, the oil should be checked. Older cars will need to be checked more often because the engine requires more oil to stay lubricated..

Lift the hood and make sure it is secure before looking for the oil stick. Do this before starting the car because it will be hot underneath if a person does this after the car has been running. Check the engine to make sure it is clean. There will be a label that says oil. It will be near the engine. This is the way to check to see how high or low the oil level in the car is and if it is time to add oil or take the car for an oil change. Lift the stick and wipe it clean with a paper towel or rag. Put the oil stick back and then remove it again. The oil level will be read on the stick. If the level is too low, it may be time for an oil change. If an oil change is not needed, then add a quart or two of oil. In older cars, the engines will sometimes burn oil too quickly. Make sure there is always enough oil in the car before going on a long trip.

Older cars require more car maintenance than newer ones. Check the oil once a month in an older car to make sure the oil level is high enough. This will prevent damage to the engine. If the oil level is always low, take the car to the mechanic. There may be other problems with the car. Taking the car to a mechanic before the problem gets worse may save a person money in the long run. Older cars will need more care than newer models. People need to have money set aside for problems that may occur along the way. Oil changes are not expensive and should become routine for those who have older cars. Although an older car may be less expensive than a new one, it may come with more problems and should be checked by a mechanic before purchase.

Checking the oil level in a car is a simple way to avoid problems later on. Getting oil changes when needed will keep a car running smoothly. It is important to learn about car maintenance early so that as the car ages; it will become normal practice to check the car monthly. Cars can be expensive, but one way to keep the cost as low as possible is through regular car maintenance.