Booking Your Favorite Band

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Music

When it comes to booking a favorite band, the method of booking is going to revolve on how big ones favorite band is and where one is looking to book the band. These criteria are the general guidelines that are needed to ascertain before one decides to venture into making a booking.

A promoter looking to book a major band in a five-thousand seat auditorium is going to have a different pathway than someone looking to book a minor, local band for a wedding.

In order to hire a band, one needs to contact their management or, if the band is not represented by management, contact the band directly. In order to find the number of the bands management, one first must find out which management firm represents the band.

If the band is represented by management, then the band will invariably cost quite a few bucks to book, as they are generating enough income so as to support a manager. Of course, there are bands and management firms that arent making any dough, but these bands and firms are generally small time as opposed to professional.

There are a number of directories that comprehensively cover the music industry. These directories are available in online versions and in book form. Rather than endorse one particular directory over the other, it is best to suggest one run an online search of music industry directory so as to find a directory that specifically fits ones needs and budget.

When looking to book a band, call the manager and inquire about availability, costs, terms and conditions. Yes, terms and conditions. Professional musicians (particularly ones that dont need the money) will have all kinds of ancillary costs associated with booking the band so caveat emptor.

If looking to book a local band and one is unable to find the manager or any contact number, then it is best to contact a venue that the band previously played. Ask the proprietor of the establishment for the bands contact info and then contact them. From there, one can negotiate the cost.

As for cost, again, this is going to range. Some bands will play for food. Other band will want dollar figures that are way up into the stratosphere. Again, it is reliant on who one wants to book, their name value, whether or not they are small time or big time and a host of other factors.

Honestly, if one is looking to book a band for anything the size of a wedding or smaller, five-hundred to a thousand dollars seems reasonable, although there will be bands that will play for a lot less than that.

If one is looking to book a professional act to a professional venue and one is unaware as to how much a band will general cost them, well, stay the heck away from the promoting business. You will lose your shirt.

Now, if one is looking to book a big name band for a charity function, then one may be able to get them for free! All it takes here is to contact management to request information about the bands charity performances. Just dont run a charity event just so you can see your favorite band for free!