A Few Current Issues And Controversies About Vitamins

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Nutrition

What do you really think of vitamins when they pop up to your mind? Vitamins- very vital for healthy growth and nutrients without which your body cannot work well! Naturally from the day you open your eyes in this world you are supplied with various dosages of vitamins accordingly with your growth. All you have come across is a gamut of benefits of the various vitamins in shaping your health.

Don't feel awful if you are told that these heavenly items can be deadly at times?  These valuable nutrients are often surrounded by some controversies. Yes, you heard the right word, "controversy". There are few very prominent controversies regarding certain vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin A along with the others. Again, if the proper amount in not taken the result may be harmful. A little extra amount or a little low amount intake of vitamins may lead to dangerous consequences.

You have to know what are the necessary vitamins for you and what are not required. Different individuals are in need of different vitamins and in different amounts. As for example, vitamin K may cause several problems for your infants.

Generally vitamin K does not have any toxic effects in the infants, but certain cellular and molecular functions of vitamin K are not yet understood by the scientists and the researchers. Recent researches show that vitamin k exists in the brain and plays a role in the growth of the receptor system of the brain. An over dose of vitamin K can also be harmful for you. It may lead you to develop hemolytic disorder and can cause enlargement of the size of your liver.

If you do not know the proper amount of the vitamins required for your body, there is a high chance that you may intake over doses of vitamins. And the result will not be safe for your health. The side effects that can occur to you for the over dose of vitamin A are anorexia, bulging fontanelles, hyperirritability, vomiting and so on. The adults may also suffer from head ache, drowsiness etc.

In case of vitamin C there are several side effects as well. If taken as mega doses, you will certainly develop nausea, diarrhea, flatulence etc. Toxic dosage of vitamin C may also cause blood clot, damage of the red blood cells, stones in kidney and bladder and so on in your body.

Your ignorance may not be bliss this time. Rather that will lead you to pay a bigger price and sometimes you might not be able to recover your damage. If you are not fully aware of the exact amount of vitamin D that your body requires the problems which you will face will relate to loss of your appetite and you may also face diarrhea, head ache, excessive thirst etc.

An extra dose of vitamin E can also lead to dangerous results. It may cause you hyper tension, fatigue, weakness and other problems. Alternatively if you do not take the proper amount of vitamin E and take very little amount about 300IU, it may affect the speed of your immune system.

So before you make your diet chart and try to improve it with addition of various vitamins, be careful about the side effects and the wrong dosages of those. Consult a physician before going for any supplementary dose of vitamins. Just don't grab on a product doing great business in the market. Anything in haste may cause you a bigger damage.