Disadvantages of High Vitamin Intake

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Nutrition

 Are you one of those who believe that the normal regular diet cannot fulfill the proper requirement of the vitamins? And you have a tendency to take mega doses of vitamins? If the answer is yes, you might be leading yourself to great dangers.

It is always good to follow a balanced diet that is rich of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. But over dose of these components may also lead to various side effects and dangerous problems, sometimes even deadly.

Don't go by the market jingles and advertisements and start taking an excess amount of vitamins. You will simply become a foolish victim of the marketing strategy of a consumer product and that has nothing to do with your health. But temptations are always there. To protect you from such eyewash it's better to relate you a brief of the ill effects a higher dose of vitamin can do to you.

Over dose of vitamins actually means intake of those nutrients more than what you need. Vitamins and minerals are needed for your growth and also for the treatment of certain diseases. But the need of these vitamins for your body is not unlimited. There is a certain amount of those nutrients that your body requires. It is necessary to fulfill that required amount. But if you exceed the limit, you will be harming yourself.

Vitamin C was believed to be a safe vitamin that is not dangerous when taken as over dose. But recently researches have shown that too much intake of vitamin C can lead to develop diarrhea. It has also been discovered that if you take mega doses of vitamin C during your chemo therapy sessions for the treatment of cancer it can be very dangerous. The reason is that during these days your vitamin c over dose will actually act as the food provider of the cancer cells.

On the other hand you need just a little amount of vitamin B6. The required amount is only one or two milligrams per day. So you need to take only one tablet in two days. If you take greater amount of vitamin B6, it may cause you great harms like, sensory control loss and motor control loss.

Again, the adequate amount of vitamin B6 that your body needs is one hundred to three hundred milligrams per day. If the amount is increased in your body the outcome may be very dangerous. An over dose of this vitamin can cause various bad effects such as blood clot, tumors in the breast, fatigue and other reproductive disorders.

You will get many supplements of vitamin E, which helps in the growth of hair and nail. But taking more than one tablet per day is risky. Along with it you must drink a lot of water every day that neutralizes its effect.

If you do not know the consequences of over doses of vitamin A and vitamin D and intake these two vitamins as you do in case of vitamin C, you are doing another great mistake. Excessive amount of vitamin C can be passed through the kidneys. But the excessive amount of vitamins A and D remain stored in your body. It is generally stored in the liver and also in the fat. And this can cause dangerous results such as making your skin dry and itchy, fatigue and also cirrhosis of the liver.

Got it that how dangerous can these life building elements be! So be careful before taking mega doses of vitamins and also support for a general awareness relating to the growing problem of consuming extra doses of medicines specially the very vital vitamins.