Vitamin D and Your Health

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Nutrition

Sunbathing? Yes off course, it is necessary. Its a direct source of Vitamin D and that too free of cost. But are you allowing yourself too much to be exposed to the sun? It may not be very safe for you and may cause you severe skin problems including even skin cancer.

It is true that a certain amount of sunlight is needed for your health. Your body itself is able to synthesize vitamin D in the presence of sun light. Vitamin D is a very essential for your health especially for the healthy growth of bones and there strength sustenance.

You should avoid too much exposure to the sun and at the same time you must also not receive too little of it. If your body does not get adequate amount of sunlight the risk of developing several diseases are raised. These include some forms of cancer like breast cancer, colon cancer, prostrate cancer and some other diseases likewise. Other severe problems that may occur to you for vitamin D deficiency are hyper tension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis etc.

How would you know whether you are a vitamin D deficient or not? Here is the answer for you. If you are suffering from acute pain in your bones and also in your muscles, you might be actually suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is needed to strengthen your bones and keep your muscles healthy.

It also supports your ability to absorb the essential calcium needed by your body. Vitamin D, to some extent can even lower the levels of blood pressure and raise the levels of blood glucose. If you do not get enough amount of vitamin D your bones will become weak and rubber like.

Dont risk your life unnecessarily. Once you start losing appetite and feel weak, immediately see a doctor, your body cannot bear any more stress and strains. And one vital reason behind this is deficit of Vitamin D.

In children the most probable disease of Vitamin D deficiency is rickets, a kind of bone disease. Children who suffer from this disease cant walk straight on their feet and the growth of their legs is improper. Very sad indeed! If proper care had been taken in childhood such lifelong disease could have been avoided. In adults this deficiency takes the form of a disease called osteoporosis, a kind of bone disease again.

Milk is very good source for vitamin D. But only drinking milk will not do. Sometimes you need extra supplements of vitamins D. If you are pregnant your requirement of this vitamin increases. Infants are mostly dependent on their mothers breast milk. And breast milk doe not contain vitamin D. Your baby is at a high risk of being vitamin D deficient. You must see whether your baby is being supplemented with the required amount of sun light to fulfill the adequacy of vitamin D.

Though the most natural and affordable source of vitamin D is the sun, the ability to synthesize vitamin D on your skin becomes lower with the age. Again, if you are person with darker skin or you are over weight, your skin cannot synthesize vitamin D so smoothly. It becomes very difficult.

Being a fat soluble vitamin, vitamin D can be stored in your liver and the fatty tissues. So it is clear that this vitamin must be dissolved in fat so that your can absorb it.

Have more fish in your diet that carries good amount of vitamin D. Actually fishes contain rich amount of oil such as salmon, tuna etc that are rich source of this vitamin. Egg yolks and some other vegetable oils are also helpful. Vitamin D can be received through natural diets but if found insufficient supplement amounts have to be taken may be through medication and treatment.