Vitamins and Cancer

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Nutrition

Do you know that a little ignorance in selecting vitamins and their proper dosages can even take ones life? The importance of vitamins in human life is known to all. The right amount of Vitamins can do wonders in ones life. Vitamins can even fight some of the deadly diseases like cancer. Cancer is a fatal disease and if the disease is not diagnosed at an early stage, it can prove to be very dangerous. It can even lead to ones death. But scientists have discovered that certain vitamins can prevent the deadly disease to some extent.

Vitamin E is generally believed to treat at least two forms of cancer.   These are prostate and bladder. A research showed that people who took more vitamin E containing foods and vegetables were less likely to have cancer than the other people. But the researchers also found that there are several forms of vitamin E and the most useful of these is the Alpha tocopherol. The other form of vitamin E is Gamma tocopherol. A study showed that people with higher natural levels of alpha tocopherol carried 53 percent lesser risks of developing prostate cancer than other people. On the other hand, people with greater levels of gamma tocopherol carried 39 percent lesser risks of developing cancer than others. The gamma tocopherol presents nearly 20 percent of the vitamin E in blood.

The alpha tocopherol is not found in the supplements of vitamin E. so taking the supplements may not be the best way to consume this vitamin. Rather you should eat the foods or the vegetables that contain vitamin E and improve your diet.  These food items include spinach, almond, sunflower seeds and sweet peppers. This natural ways of intaking vitamins are highly recommended. The dietitians suggest that the nuts, seeds, the whole grain products, salad dressings, vegetable oils, beans, peas and some other vegetables are very good dietary sources for the vitamin E.

According to the medical authorities, Vitamin A and Vitamin E work wonderfully to protect human immune system. But here is a very interesting controversy about their usage. A recent study shows that these vitamins can react in quite opposite ways for the cancer patients. Vitamins A and E are anti oxidants. They in fact protect the cancer cells through the natural protective way known as apoptosis and eventually they work against the cancer therapy. The vitamin actually prevents the self destructing functions of the cancer cells in which the cells kill bacteria and viruses and at the same time destroy the toxins and the defective cells like cancer cells. By preventing the apoptotic death of the cancer cells the vitamins A and E in fact threaten the human lives.

This study also relates to the earlier study that chain smokers who intake high levels of beta-carotene antioxidants in their regular diet carry a greater risk of developing lung cancer. The body in fact converts the beta-carotene into vitamin A.

These days you will come across many people who have developed the habit of popping in vitamin supplement pills, just because their friends and acquaintances also do the same thing. I assume that the above article could convince you about the adverse effects of vitamins if taken in wrong way. If you happen to have the same habit of intaking dietary supplements on a regular basis, we request you to give a second though to the matter.