Vitamins in Cosmetics

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Nutrition

Are you looking for beauty products like lotions or creams to make yourself more beautiful? Or are you investing hefty bucks in costly skin care medications? Wait. You do not have to lose that much energy for this purpose. Here are some easier tricks which you can consider trying.

Vitamins have great potential to make you beautiful. Vitamins are always good and necessary for your health. But some special vitamins are there which are hugely used for the cosmetic purposes. All you need to do is a little research on these vitamins. You have to learn about the effects of specific vitamins on your skin, hair, nails etc. At the same time you also need to know the sources of these vitamins. Here are some tips for you.
Next time when you find your skin to be too oily or too dry and rough, look for the reason in your diet chart. There must have been some deficiency in the supply of specific vitamins in your body. Vitamin A ensures natural growth and developments of your cells and keeps your skin healthy. Vitamin C is very useful for the treatment of the various skin problems like acne etc. You may take the vitamin A supplements for the oral acne problems. But remember, excessive amount of supplements are not good for your skin. 

Vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin D are the other necessary vitamins that work wonderfully for your skin. By the way, vitamins E and C are the forms of anti oxidants. Anti oxidants are known to heal the damages of your skin. Skins are generally damaged by the free radicals, sun light and the pollution. The commonest form of skin damages are visible lines, wrinkles etc. While vitamin A prevents the sun damage, vitamin C heals the damages. Vitamin C is also known as the ascorbic acid which helps prevent scurvy. Another important role of vitamin C is to heal the wounds of the skin. Who doesnt want to look fresh and youthful for ever? For that what you have to simply do is to modify your diet by adding more vitamin C contents.  Wondering how? Actually vitamin C stimulates the process of oxidization on your skin to free it from wrinkles and you skin appears to be much younger.

Vitamin D which is formed in the skin itself at the presence of sun light heals the skin. This vitamin in fact is an anti oxidant and anticarcinogen. It plays a very important role in the skin pigmentation. If you apply this vitamin D topically on your skin it will be good for the health of your skin. But you must avoid mega doses of vitamin D, because it can be toxic if taken in large amounts.
Besides vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C another necessary vitamin is vitamin E; it is also an anti oxidant. Vitamin E is able to prevent the damages of your skin made by the free radicals and sun light.

All these vitamins are easily available in the market in the forms of vitamin supplements. But if you want an impact that is all positive and without any side-effects, then you must allow the vitamins enter your body through natural process in the forms of fruits and vegetables that are rich in these necessary vitamins. So you need to improve your diet by adding those food items in your diet and be the proud owner of glowing skin for ever.