Where to Look for Entertainment for a Child's Birthday Party

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Entertainment

Planning for a child's birthday party can be a lot of fun. One of best parts is coming up with the entertainment for a kid's birthday party. If you are having trouble finding just the right entertainment options for your next party, here are some suggestions on where to look.

These days, there are party planners for just about any type of occasion you can imagine. That certainly includes children's birthday parties. Check your local phone book for party planners and locate one or two that might be available. Make sure you have pertinent details to offer the planner, such as the average age of the children who will be invited, whether one or both genders will be included and any special requests by the guest of honor. The planner can usually come up with a theme for you in a relatively short time, and most likely will be able to handle all the details of the party itself, including the entertainment. 

If a planner is not practical, then consider one of the birthday packages offered by various restaurants that cater to kids. Many of the packages include party favors for each child, food, amusements of various types, and some sort of major entertainment, such as a clown or a magician. Many of these packages will also include the cake. The great thing about these packages is you do not have to worry about any aspect of the party, the cleanup, or the entertainment. Typically, this option will also be less expensive than hiring a professional party planner.

Should you decide that the party will take place at home, consult the local phone book for clowns, magicians and other entertainers who specialize in putting on shows for the kids. Make sure to screen any applicants and get references in advance. Do not hire anyone sight unseen. Have them do at least a part of their act as their audition or make arrangements to see them perform at another party before offering them the job. Be aware that unless you have agreed otherwise, most children's entertainers will not remain for the entire party, but will show up to do their act and then leave.

Animals are always a big hit at a children's party. If the guest of honor is too old for a pony, there are usually performers who work with animals that have been trained to perform tricks. Should the party be set to take place in an out of doors, animal acts as part of the entertainment might be a lot of fun for everyone.

Plan for other amusements that will hold the kid's attention. Visit your local party store for some ideas about games and other activities the kids can use to entertain themselves during the party. Something as simple as a piņata filled with candy can be great fun, as can water guns, cans of squirting string and other items. Make sure whatever you select will work well in the area where the party will take place.

The options for entertainment for children's parties are much greater than in years past. With a little legwork, you can be sure to select the right entertainment options for your next child's birthday party.