Don't forget the camera bag while buying cameras

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/6/2006 | Arts and Culture

Camera straps or bags are essential accessories for an outdoor trip. They protect the camera from dust, rain and mechanical injuries, and come in very handy for storing items like batteries, memory cards, chargers, USB cables or disks. Several camera bags have separate lens pouches to store lenses safely.

The camera bags evolved from camera pouches. These pouches were custom designed according to the make and model of the camera. Most of them had a short sling attached to them to enable the user to hold the cameras firmly. Even today most auto focus cameras come with pouches. The only drawback lies in the fact that there is no extra space to store other things.

That is why most photographers prefer to use spacious camera bags with straps. The neck or chest straps are well padded so that they don't cut into the skin when carried for long hours. Ideally, you should choose those straps that provide the best comfort. Chests straps are an attractive option if you are constantly on the move. The camera is better protected, and the weight is uniformly spread. Most chest straps come with simple detachable clips that can be removed when you want to shoot.

The choice of the camera bag should be made on the basis of your comfort level. If you are off on a long trek then it is advisable to use a back pack or at least shoulder bags. It is also advisable to choose a bag that suits your journey.

Backpacks, for instance, are great for outdoor journeys. They spread the weight across your shoulders reducing the strain. Many of them also have hip belts which make them even more comfortable and easy to carry.  All bags are made of durable material. Most of them have a double lining and are well padded. This provides extra support and resistance against general damage.

Since rain can be a big dampener on outdoor trips, especially during trekking or camping, you need to select waterproof backpacks. The inner lining of these bags is usually made of a waterproof material that keeps the gear dry even in extreme conditions. In case of sea rides, you should choose those camera bags that have a built in pressure system. This reduces the damage that can be caused by sea water especially in case of an accident by keeping the sea water out. Aquapac is one of the popular water proof packs that are preferred by photographers.

Camera vests, though not preferred my many people, provide another option. They not only protect the camera but also provide several pockets to store items of necessity. The greatest advantage of a camera vest is that all the accessories are always close to the photographer.